Minimum Hire Terms 1

Minimum Hire Terms

26 September 2018

The truth is nobody wants to hire a skip, a toilet, or an excavator; they must hire plant and equipment to complete their project. This forces the hirer to rely on the expertise of the company they choose for supplying the goods to have the experience of not just the problem that is trying to be solved, but also the solution.

PAL Hire has immense knowledge of the detailed intricacies involved in the hire process from start to finish.

We provide all types of equipment from excavators to electric breakers to generators; we can provide what you need to complete your project anywhere in the UK. To hire equipment with PAL Hire, you need to understand and complete our booking process.

More importantly, understand that different products available for hire from PAL Hire are subject to different degrees of minimum hire terms.

Booking Process

To complete the booking process, we will require the following documentation:

  • Full details of the addresses for billing and delivery.
  • A valid email address – this enables us to follow up your enquiry/quote with electronic documentation.
  • A mobile telephone number of an elected person who will receive the hire for you, either a site foreman or tradesman. This is important as we will keep you informed when to expect the delivery of your equipment.
  • An electronically signed Hire Agreement. The document will be sent to your preferred email address by our Sales Support Team. It must be returned prior to delivery.
  • An electronically signed Hire Guard Agreement. The document will be sent to you by our Sales Support Team and must be returned prior to delivery. If you already have insurance, you must provide proof of insurance before we can provide the equipment.
  • Two forms of ID, such as a driving licence or passport photo and a company letterhead or utility bill for proof of address.

Our highly acclaimed support team will help you complete the process of hiring and off-hiring plant.

They work with the hire of hundreds of items of equipment and have the experience to ensure you get the right equipment, at the right location, and on time. This will make your life easier, so you can focus on getting the task complete.

Minimum Hire Terms

As we provide several types of plant and equipment, we have created minimum hire terms to provide our clients with the best possible price for each piece of equipment.

Depending on the piece of equipment required and whether it is specialised or standard, we may be able to negotiate with our extensive supplier base to hire out kit for a shorter duration than the stated minimum hire term. To enquire about this, speak to our team on 0844 288 7265.

Some equipment can be subject to a lead time when you request off-hire. This is predominantly due to logistics, meaning there could be a short delay (only a few days) in collection. Our support team will work with you to ensure this is limited.

Powered Access / Plant Hire / Power and Lighting

For each product type, we utilise suppliers across the UK. All three products can be hired for a minimum of one to four weeks.

The minimum number of weeks depends on of our network of suppliers has a depot closest to your site location. We choose the closest supplier to ensure you are not paying over the odds for delivery charges.

Toilets and Welfare

If you’ve got an event coming up, you may need toilets for party goers, which can be hired for a minimum of one week.

On a construction site, toilets will need to be hired for a minimum of two weeks. Construction sites may also require welfare facilities; these can be hired for a minimum of four weeks. This covers eco cabins, drying rooms, and other welfare units designed to look after your workforce.

Both toilets and welfare facilities can be hired for a fixed term or on an ongoing hire process. If you prefer a fixed term, we will book the off-hire date during the initial telephone conversation, but our suppliers may not be able to collect the equipment on this date. Do not fear, you will not be charged after the off-hire date.

On an ongoing hire, our renewals team will speak to you every few weeks to ensure you still require the equipment on-site and if there are any additional services you require, such as toilet cleaning services or water tanks.


Skips are unique in that there is no minimum hire period. The amount we charge is dependent on the amount of waste that will be taken away. This also applies if you require hazardous waste to be collected – PAL Hire offer to collect and dispose of hazardous waste such as asbestos, paints, and food in an environmentally friendly manner.

If time is an issue and skips are not the ideal solution for your waste disposal requirements, we also provide a wait and load service.

The rules of ongoing and fixed term hire that apply to toilets and welfare facilities, also apply to skips.


You should now have a better understanding of PAL Hire’s minimum hire terms, as well as the diverse range of products we supply. Speak to our team on 0844 288 7265 to fulfil your hiring needs.