Multiple Products Supplier - Events and Festivals

Multiple Products Supplier – Events and Festivals

9 May 2019

Events and festivals during the summer are as British as tea and biscuits. From Shakespeare at a castle, the re-enactment of historical battles, and food festivals in a wooded glade, festivals are the fish to our proverbial chips. They provide a release for the British public and allow them to enjoy their love of something cheesy, beery, and musicy.

The versatility of PAL Hire ensures we not only supply construction sites throughout the UK, but during the summer months, we also service a wide range of events clients organising and running events and festivals across the country.

Our events clients have regularly commented on how the support provided by PAL Hire plays a pivotal role in the successful operation of their events and festivals. This is because we have taken the time to understand the needs of those operating with the events industry.

Events and Festivals Require Great Care

Unlike a construction site, which are so often delivered over budget and outside of pre-set deadlines, events and festivals can only run between pre-determined dates and any delay could lead to a cancellation which, in turn, leads to hundreds of angry and upset attendees.

Organisation is key for a multiple products supplier to service events and festivals across the UK. They require an unparalleled level of coordination from all parties involved to ensure all products are set up on-time for the event to take place without any complications.

Regardless of the location, weather, or number of attendees, we do our upmost to deliver fencing, perimeter lighting, welfare facilities, and waste management services on-site at the required times.

We understand your unique circumstances and align our provisions accordingly to ensure smooth running of an event from the moment you place your order to the moment the last piece of equipment is collected from site.

Timescales of setting up an event are so precise they do not allow for even the minutest of delays. PAL Hire is the company to turn to when the pressure is at its highest. The majority of events take place after several months of planning and for an event to falter at the last hurdle is something we do not wish to see.

When hiring events equipment through PAL Hire, we provide you with a range of options, including preferred delivery date and time for each product you may hire as this allows for delivery in a sequential order.

The majority of events and festivals will require temporary buildings, fencing, men’s and women toilets, water stations, and event staff. You can hire all these items through our dedicated events section.

When fencing panels are delivered to your event, they must be erected by event staff, and taken apart and placed in an obstruction free area for collection after the event.

The welfare of your event staff is equally as important as the welfare of your attendees, which is why PAL Hire also provides cabins to house event personnel, with the ability for you to also hire perimeter lighting to provide additional security.

Festivals are notorious for being left looking like a barren wasteland. The BBC has reported more than 250,000 tents get left behind in UK fields from Glastonbury to Reading and Leeds.

Waste management should also be at the forefront of your thinking as you do not want to leave the fields in a mess, unfit for others to use. Providing waste bins for your attendees, along with hiring skips and caged vans to help clear the waste left on fields. All of these can be provided by PAL Hire, and we can either leave them on your site throughout the event or deliver to site once the event has finished.

Depending on the size of our event, you may also require site vehicles, such as buggies, to move across the site. PAL Hire offers a range of two to four seater vehicles, ideal for use on fields, bringing comforting, style, and efficiency to your site.

PAL Hire – The Specialist

Understanding the requirements of events clients on its own is not enough to ensure events and festivals run as smoothly as possible. Being able to systematically construct an event from the ground up, placing each hire item exactly where they need to go to be easily accessible by attendees, as well as making collection easy, places PAL Hire at the forefront of events clients thinking each year.

Events and festivals generally run once a year; some may even have two shows within a few days of each other in different locations. Our flexibility and UK-wide reach ensures we can service both shows, with fluid delivery and collection across both sites.

You may be in the process of hiring event equipment for this summer. Before you sign on the dotted line, speak to PAL Hire. We have a range of equipment ready for you to hire at a minute’s notice.