Multiple Products Supplier - Toilets to Generators

Multiple Products Supplier – Toilets to Generators

1 May 2019

Following last week’s article “Are You Using a Multiple Products Supplier?”, this week’s article focuses on a construction scenario brought to us by one of our clients.

Our client was being supplied with toilets as they came to PAL Hire via our toilets specific website, Top Toilets. Satisfied with our price and service, the client was very much a repeat customer, but at the time they didn’t know we were a single site, multiple products supplier.

For several months, alongside hiring toilets from PAL Hire, the client was hiring generators from another company and welfare cabins staff from a third organisation. They were unaware they could hire all these products from PAL Hire, which would’ve saved them time and money.

We Can Save You Time and Money

As a result of coming to PAL Hire via one of sister websites, the client did not realise the benefits which lay in front of them until they were informed by our team. For this reason, we’ve created this series to provide you with the knowledge that PAL Hire is a multiple products supplier.

If you’re in need of additional products that you’re currently hiring from different organisations, speak to PAL Hire and we’ll see if we can beat the prices you’re paying.

The Value of the Service

The reason the client now hires several pieces of equipment from PAL Hire is because we were able to show them the value of our service.

This is where our team came to the aid of the client. We already knew their product requirements and we could piece together any additional products they may have required on-site. It was now time to show them the value of using PAL Hire.

Trade Accounts, Core Product Promise, eco-friendly equipment, and weekly special offers, all placed PAL Hire at the forefront of the clients’ thinking when it came to renewing hire periods for their equipment.

PAL Hire Benefits You

Our service provision is designed with the specific purpose of saving you time and money. Hiring our toilets will save you money as we provide some of the best hire rates in the UK. Hiring toilets and welfare units will save you even more money, and it will also save you time as you will not need to ring two companies.

Saving time is vitally important when it comes to a construction project. The less time you spend on the phone trying to source products and solve issues caused by other hiring companies, the more time you have to work on your project.

This is why you should be ringing PAL Hire in the first instance. From that one phone call, we can source you the very best products catered to your specific requirements; we can ensure you’re receiving the very best support before, during, and after a project.

Multiple Products Supplier

PAL Hire is renowned at helping clients save their time and money by utilising our services as a multiple product supplier. The client in the aforementioned scenario now hires toilets, welfare units, on-site tools, and generators from PAL Hire, all of which are delivered and collected from site as and when requested by the client.

If you’re currently in a similar situation to one our client was in, PAL Hire is only one call away.

One call could save you time and money. If you had the chance to save time and money by making one call, would you take it?