Nationwide Hire 3

Nationwide Hire

10 August 2018

The Oxford Dictionary defines “nationwide” as “extending or reaching throughout a whole nation.” If you visit PAL Hire’s website, you’ll see the products which we offer, our site builder tool, the benefits of a trade account, and you’ll see the following:

Our head office is based in Manchester, and we also have local depots in Stafford, Cardiff, Bristol, Middlesex, Oxford, and Hampshire. This helps us provide local support to clients throughout the UK.

Nationwide coverage means we will deliver products and services anywhere in England, anywhere in Wales, and anywhere in Scotland. With our UK-wide supplier base, wherever you are, we will be there too.

We can deliver plant to Portsmouth, toilets to Tyneside, skips throughout Scotland, anything and everything you require, anywhere in the UK. Our ethos is to provide hire solutions anywhere, anytime, and to anyone.

You don’t have to worry about collection as PAL Hire will sort this out for you at the same time as delivery. When you ring our team on 0844 288 7265, we will help you pre-plan your hire needs from start to finish, and everything in between if you need management or cleaning services.

As renowned problem solvers, we understand you may have several ongoing projects across the UK and can supply plant to one site, toilets to another site, on-site tools to a third site, and all hires will be grouped into a single bill. This is where PAL Hire stands head and shoulders above most companies in the plant hire industry.

If you ran out of milk, you’d go to your local corner shop because of convenience. Even if it wasn’t the cheapest, the convenience, the time you’ve saved, and the fact you know the local shop owner has prompted you to walk to the shop rather than drive farther afield to buy milk.

With our local knowledge and excellent supplier relationships, PAL Hire is only around the corner. We are the local corner shop when it comes to hire. The vast range of equipment we have at our disposal means we can match your requirements to the letter. Anything you need will be available for hire, whenever you need it.

The beauty of using PAL Hire is the ease at which we manage your hiring operations. In one phone call, you can hire several different pieces of plant for multiple sites, you can schedule delivery and collection dates, and you can purchase hired plant insurance to make sure your equipment and your staff are protected. Easy.

If you’ve had a positive experience when hiring from PAL Hire, tweet us using the hashtag #AnywhereAnytimeAnyone or leave a review on our Facebook page.