Over 1000 Suppliers and A Robust Supply Chain

PAL Hire Ltd announces continual support to SME, building, HVAC, Demolition and construction companies – leveraging its unique position in the hire marketplace and large network of 1000 suppliers.

The human cost of Coronavirus is something which is close to the company’s heart. The Directors have a reputation for looking after their team – and this ethos pays off with the exceptional way in which the team works with its clients, suppliers and customers. The country needs to keep going, projects need completing, homes and roads need building. The PAL Team is dedicated to providing exceptional, innovative and seamless hire solutions regardless of the current climate.

What will change?

It is business as usual for PAL Hire – you may not be able to notice much of a difference!

  • Delivery Tickets may become unavailable as friction-less and social distancing take hold
  • We will be unable to carry out face to face meetings (we are reducing unnecessary travel) But we will continue to offer Skype and Conference Calls
  • We will still employ the same quality checks to ensure high quality provision of all the hire tools and equipment need you have

“Regardless of the existing climate in terms of Coronavirus, your site needs to keep going. You still have deadlines and the economy, which will be temporary affected by Coronavirus (Covid-19) still needs to keep turning.” Explained company director Dan Daintry.

“Our unique agility is driven by having multiple suppliers for most of the equipment our customers need. If there is an interruption with the supply of an item (or item(s) of equipment, we can find an alternative source without interruption at our customers end” Dan continued…

” …this is nothing new – but the way we work here at PAL Hire, to achieve seamless quality hire solutions, for our marketplace. Regardless of the economic or environmental landscape”

The PAL Approach to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The company has taken a strategic stance when approaching the challenges faced by Coronavirus.

“Our infrastructure and method of operation is designed for events such as Coronavirus – with all our office services being hosted in the cloud – and with a flexible telephone system – our operations are not dependant on location” Explained Sam Snelson – Company Director.

Sam has been pivotal and instrumental to the development and success of PAL Hires operations, seeking and achieving appropriate standards to benchmark and enable other companies to interface seamlessly with the hire specialist.

ISO9001 Quality Protects

“Achieving (and maintaining) ISO9001 status, whilst not a necessity to operate within the hire industry – the standard means we operate high level business practices across all disciplines to enable performance at levels that exceed our business customers expectations. “- Sam concluded.

How to get the equipment you need on site during the Coronavirus Outbreak?
To access this level of support complete a simple form fill on this website (do it now (opens a little form and we call you back)) or call our team on 0161 482 6200.