Owner Operated Plant and Machinery

Owner Operated Plant and Machinery

3 April 2018

Getting the job done, meeting timescales and objectives on budget can play havoc with your resources. A nice problem to have if you have plenty of resources to get the job done. As with everything, the weather and people can contribute to the project success or lack of progress.

Nationwide Plant and Operator Availability

This is where contingency comes in. It is easy to theorise the potential for stoppages in a project at the early stage of planning. But when the materials start to appear on site, when the plant is cutting into the ground, the concrete is wet, and the need is there to get the project out of the ground. Only then does the true scope of the task in hand show us ‘its’ hand.

Why would you need to hire Owner Operated Plant?

When the game changes:

Weather has a critical role on site, making the difference between a successful week or missing vital project deadlines. This is the same with any commodity you are working with. Human resources, materials or a supply chain which manifests itself earlier in the build cycle to force another aspect of the job to be prepared.

Short Notice Jobs where the ground has been broken but the amount of work required to deal with that specific task has increased and it has to be completed within 48 hours. You have all your onsite plant tasked accordingly or you have reached a maximum with your existing team?

The client changes the job remit. In some circumstances the client or the site depicts when a specific task has to be completed. If you are maxed out on your resources, then you need to find a quick fix for this issue.

You simply need the expertise and equipment on site – contrary to popular belief diggers, excavators, grabs, reach and the like are not that easy to use safely. If you are in a self-build environment you may only need the footings dug out in the afternoon for a specific type of build. Then hiring an owner operated machine is perfect for this role. As it would be in on a building site where you have unconnected tasks from the normal flow of the build. Perhaps an additional landscaping tasks post first fix?

Hiring a professional owner operator, means you get the right equipment on site for the job with the benefit of an operator who knows about their bit of kit. They will be able to achieve the task in hand more efficiently just point them in the right direction and they are off.

Insurances and certification

Owner Operators will have the relevant insurances and certification to meet current building and health and safety standards. You are dealing with a special kind of plant/machinery professional when it comes to owner operators. They are fastidious with the maintenance of their machines and they ensure that they can access all sites by maintaining their own professional documentation. All you have to do is ask!

Types of operated plant available

  • Mini Diggers
  • JCB
  • Grab Lorries
  • Road Sweepers
  • Excavators
  • Reach
  • Agricultural Vehicles

For more information on Owner Operated Hire, contact our hire desk and see how we can help you resolve the occasions when you may need additional capacity.