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Owner Operated Plant Hire

15 October 2018

In life, problems will be thrown at you. Very rarely is a problem provided to you with a solution immediately after. It is even rarer to be provided with a solution when you may not have a problem. If your problem is hiring plant and machinery, but not having the workforce to operate the machinery, then the solution will be owner operated plant.

If your problem is not knowing from where plant can be hired for the best possible price with the best possible service, then the solution is PAL Hire. We can provide owner operated plant for a small one-off project or for larger ongoing construction sites. Our flexibility allows us to service both the commercial and private sector, with the same high level of customer service.

Pre-planning a project helps you identify whether you have the skillset on-site to operate the machinery required. If you need the required skillset, PAL Hire will find a subcontractor with the required plant to complete part of a project.

The beauty of working with PAL Hire is all our subcontractors have the required insurance and policies to cover any mishaps. We’ve come across several “cowboy builders” who we’ve filtered out and our subcontractor base is the best of the best to ensure our clients receive the best service. All our subcontractors are CPCS Trained, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Hiring a professional owner operator, means you get the right equipment on site for the job with the benefit of an operator who knows about their bit of kit. They will be able to achieve the task in hand more efficiently just point them in the right direction and they are off.

Why Would You Need Owner Operated Plant?


We’ve previously discussed how the weather affects productivity and the constraints placed on project deadlines. The weather affects all types of work on a project site; however, its biggest impact is felt by sequential work. When you’re unable to lay the foundations due to the weather, the entire project is pushed back.

On some building sites, interruptions to project timelines can be resolved by bringing in owner operated plant. When you lose time in one area, you can make time up in other areas to provide an overall balance. Project Managers understand the importance of keeping projects to the intended timescales to ensure they receive contractual bonuses and do not incur further costs.


What do you do when your workforce is operating at 100% and you have no spare capacity? You bring in outside help to reduce the load. Owner operated plant hire is the ideal solution for increasing capacity.

There are other ways to increase capacity, such as bringing in additional men, but they will have to use tools already on-site. It is the sensible choice to bring in a worker with their own piece of equipment to not only increase the number of workers on-site, but also the amount of equipment.

Knowing when to bring in owner operated plant is the key to ensuring there is minimal disruption to your site. With the help of PAL Hire, we can help you plan your project site, so if you know you’ll be needing owner operated plant, it will arrive a few days before you reach maximum capacity. This will allow you to receive maximum benefit.

Short Notice

The single biggest issue construction sites face is a disruption with no warning. A contractor doesn’t show; workmen go AWOL; machinery isn’t working. The panic etched on a Project Manager’s face when a mishap occurs and they’re on the back foot says a thousand words.

When they ring PAL Hire, panic turns to relief. We have the network to find an owner operator who can be on-site to complete the job.

Expertise and Experience

The changing demographic on the UK population and the importance placed in degrees has seen a decrease in the number of skilled workers.

The construction industry faces an “inexorable decline” unless the government expands the building of affordable housing.

The UK’s exit of the European Union is expected to reduce the number of construction workers, according to Barratt Developments.

In the future, hiring an owner operator could be the best solution as you’ll be provided with machinery and experience.

Types of Owner Operated Plant Available for Hire

Because of our excellent, UK-wide supplier base, PAL Hire can offer the following:

  • Mini Diggers
  • JCB
  • Grab Lorries
  • Road Sweepers
  • Excavators
  • Reach
  • Specialist Agricultural Vehicles

If you need owner operated plant, long-term or short-term, use the button below.