PAL Joins Forces with TeamKickabout

11 October 2023

PAL Hire Joins Forces with Award-Winning Community Group “Team Kickabout” to Extend Mental Health Support for Dads Across All Walks of Life

PAL Hire, a leading provider of hire services to the construction industry, is thrilled to announce its partnership with the esteemed community group “Team Kickabout.” This Lancashire-based initiative is celebrated for its commitment to providing mental health support for fathers who feel isolated or powerless. 

Awards and Recognition for Team Kickabout

Team Kickabout has been recognised with several prestigious awards for their tireless efforts to provide mental health support:

Lancaster Volunteer Achievement Awards: Team Kickabout was honoured for its exceptional volunteer work, demonstrating a commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of fathers and families.

Progress Housing Awards: The group’s relentless dedication to enhancing mental health support earned accolades in the Progress Housing Awards, highlighting its positive impact on the well-being of fathers.

2022 FA Lancashire Project of the Year: A monumental achievement was secured when Team Kickabout clinched the coveted “FA Lancashire Project of the Year” title at the Red Rose Awards in 2022. This accolade underscores the group’s exceptional contributions to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for fathers from all walks of life.

2023 FA Lancashire Positive Football Environment Awards Finalists: Team Kickabout’s ongoing commitment to fostering a positive football environment has positioned them as finalists in the 2023 FA Lancashire Positive Football Environment Awards.

Statistics Highlight the Mental Health Crisis Amongst Construction Workers

PAL Hire is committed to supporting projects that have a profound impact on mental health, especially within the industries we serve. According to recent statistics from industry research and mental health organisations, the construction industry has long struggled with mental health issues, particularly among its predominantly young male workforce. The construction sector exhibits significantly higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide when compared to the general population, often attributed to the demanding and high-pressure nature of the job.

Suicide Rates: Studies show that construction workers are at significantly higher risk of suicide, with rates approximately three times that of the average population.

Stigma Surrounding Mental Health: Men, especially in traditionally male-dominated industries like construction, often face stigma and a reluctance to seek help for mental health issues, which can exacerbate the problem.

The Power of Social Connection and Conversation for Mental Health

Team Kickabout’s mission goes beyond recognition; it is about creating a safe space where fathers, irrespective of their profession, can come together, engage in social activities, and open up about their mental health challenges. Experts emphasise the significant impact of open conversation and social connection on mental health:

Social Connection: Socialising has been proven to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, often precursors to mental health challenges. The camaraderie and support of a group like Team Kickabout can provide a vital social lifeline for fathers.

Mental Health Benefits: Open and honest conversations about mental health can help individuals understand that they are not alone in their struggles. Sharing experiences and seeking advice from peers can help improve mental well-being and resilience.

“Team Kickabout’s remarkable journey and dedication to supporting people, irrespective of their circumstances, is truly commendable,” stated Dan Daintry, Director at PAL Hire.”We are honoured to collaborate with an organisation that has received recognition for its positive impact on our community. Together, we aim to raise awareness and provide a safer, more supportive environment for fathers facing mental health challenges.”

The partnership between PAL Hire and Team Kickabout marks a significant stride in extending mental health support to our communities, emphasising the potential for positive change through community-driven initiatives to promote social connections and open dialogue.

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