PLANTWORX 2023: What to Expect

12 June 2023

PLANTWORX remains one of the easiest ways to see the industries latest innovations in action. From machine demonstrations to tech displays, you can see everything on offer from over 300 exhibitors attending the three day show.

What makes PLANTWORX one of the better shows of the year, is the fact that you have a chance to see physical demonstrations of equipment. You’re not just going to view a clean new excavator parked inside a warehouse, instead you’re going to see these new machines getting stuck in as they show exactly what they do!

With over 300 companies there showing off their most exciting products, it can be hard to prioritise your time. Here in this article, we’re going to have a look at some of the exhibitors that we believe are worth checking out.

Here at PAL Hire, we know that the industry is changing, new fuel sources and new technologies are making the market change and adapt. Attending events such as PLANTWORX gives our team the ability to know what we need to add to our depots so we can provide the best hire experience around. We’re looking forward to growing our knowledge and hire range for the future of our industry.

What we are looking forward to seeing at Plantworx:

You have a lot of big-name brands at PLANTWORX, from Bobcat to Caterpillar, the industry is out in full force to show off their equipment in action. We can also expect a lot of brands to debut new machines and products at the show. While they may have displayed it at other shows, this is probably going to be the first hands-on demo for a lot of these machines.

Here are some of the ones we can’t wait to see:

Auger Torque: Cone Crusher Bucket

A UK company that has been providing the industry with earth drill and attachments since the late 90s, Auger Torque are happy to be attending this years Plantowrx show. Recently they have been providing equipment that can help us to become more sustainable with the materials we use. One of these products is the Cone Crusher Bucket.

This attachment quickly and efficiently repurposes rubble into usable hardcore of approximately 40-70mm in size. Some of their customers have reported saving around £1000 a day with the ability to re-use on site aggregate as hardcore across their farm.

It’s innovations such as this that are truly helping the industry to push forward into a more sustainable future. We’re excited to see it in action.

They will also be showing off ‘in-site’ a plug-and-play tool that helps with drill alignment, pressure sensors, and more. Finally, they will be showing off their new drum cutter range which has been inherited from the Kinshofer brand. Auger Torque are happy to be taking over the production of this product.

Yanmar’s Wheel Loader Prototype

Yanmar, most known for their red branding, have been offering innovation for years. Their conventional tail swing excavators have been an industry favourite for their size and usability, and we are excited to see these on display and out in full force at the show.

Apart from that, Yanmar will also be showing off some of their prototypes. The Plantoworx site states, “Yanmar will be giving visitors a sneak peek of its all-new compact V7HW wheel loader prototype – with its clever articulation/oscillation joint. Expected to be formally launched after September 2023, Yanmar’s initial V7HW prototype is based on a new platform that can support both diesel and electric power trains. It does not use rear exterior oscillation, but rather a features clever joint which lowers the height of the machine, meaning it can fit in standard containers and be transported on road more easily”.

It’s always nice to see brands brining machines that aren’t even planned to be released for a while, it gives us a great opportunity to see what the future looks like, and we are excited to see this machine at the show.

Takeuchi: TB20e Electric Mini Digger

Takeuchi will be showcasing their new TB20e, a mini electric digger that seems to be an amazing addition to their fleet of machines, but they are taking it one step further! Why not try out the machine?

They will be giving away daily prizes for winners of their competition that involves driving the TB20e for various challenges. This competition will also see the company raise money for the Lighthouse Club charity. This means we can expect some honest reviews to come from the day as many visitors will be eager to try out the machine. We can’t wait to see what people think of it!

Xwatch 3D Guidance

Xwatch have worked with Leica to create a new 3D collision avoidance system. This software helps us to detect any unseen hazards like underground utilities.

It will be interesting to see this product at the show, to see how user friendly it is and how effectively it works as it could hugely improve our job and the safety of a site. Having the ability to avoid unforeseen issues with ease can save you so much money and time.

Plantworx have said, “Key to this innovative solution is its seamless integration into the existing MC1 tablet-based machine control from Leica Geosystems, thereby offering users a streamlined interface without the need for additional screens in the operator station”.

We are interested in seeing what the system looks like at the show.

DEVELON Make their UK Debut

DEVELON, previously known as DOOSAN, are making their UK debut with the new branding at Plantworx. We are excited to see them there with their new image and brand, they are also happy to be showing off a range of new machines for the show as well.

They will be showing off some new mini-excavators, they state on the Plantworx site: “Like all of DEVELON’s new generation mini-excavators, the DX63-7 and DX85R-7 are designed to offer maximum performance, optimum stability, increased versatility, enhanced operator comfort, controllability, durability, ease of maintenance and serviceability”.

DEVELON will also be showing the new DX250WMH-7 material handler, they state, “equipped with an MG22 Sorting Grapple, the new DX250WMH-7 25 tonne Stage V compliant material handler is being demonstrated by DEVELON for the first time in the UK, for use in the solid waste, recycling, demolition and forestry industries. Designed to carry out the toughest tasks, the DX250WMH-7 is built with front and rear stabilizers, and a boom and arm specifically designed for material handling tasks”.

We’re excited to see them at the show and the new equipment that has followed the brand change.

Plantworx takes place from the 13th of June until the 15th of June in Peterborough. We hope to see you there!