Why Portable Toilets Freeze 3

Why Portable Toilets Freeze

1 March 2018

Why Portable Toilets Freeze Since we have had this cold snap, the old ‘beast from the east’ has played havoc with hire deliveries and the ability for the whole of the UK to function at any level which resembles normality. Whilst we have remained open we have discovered that the supply of portable toilets and welfare solutions have been difficult for some to fulfil due to transportation issues. That said some of the other issues involving portable toilets has included the fact that they are prone to freezing.

What is it about that blue liquid in portable hire toilets?

That blue liquid, which is normally used in blue toilets is coloured that way because blue is a calming colour (we use a lot of blue in our branding) and blue also promotes hygiene. There are also chemicals in the liquid to minimalize odours. These are normally based on formaldehyde however because the solution can splash, formaldehyde is being replaced with other substances such as glutaraldehyde and quaternary ammonium compounds. These have non-staining properties and nature identical perfume oils.


During freezing weather most liquids which have no solvent or alcohol content will freeze. This includes the blue liquid in the toilets and welfare units we hire out. So when the country is thrust into the depths of a big freeze and you wander Why Portable Toilets freeze.

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