Powered Access Equipment

Powered Access Equipment

28 August 2018

PAL Hire reaches new heights through its offering of powered access equipment. Pardon the play on words, but we can help you soar and reach the top of the tower. Our equipment offering suits a range of requirements, whether indoor or outdoor, and we deliver equipment throughout the UK.

There are several different types of powered access equipment offered by PAL Hire, including boom lifts, low level access platforms, scissor lifts, and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). Alongside this, we offer a full range of training courses, including the world-renowned IPAF training course.

Boom Lifts

Boom lifts are incredibly versatile and can be used indoor and outdoor for a variety of applications, including cleaning high towers, placing ads on high billboards, and placing a cameraman up high to get the perfect shot.

PAL Hire can meet your requirements based on the environment in which you will be using a boom lift. Boom lift hire is an ideal solution for indoor use as we offer a range of boom lifts with non-marking tyres, with the added benefit of boom lifts being powered by bio-fuel or electricity.

Low Level Access Platforms

Low level platforms offer the reach required to complete small jobs quickly and effectively, without the worry of balance and stability. They are generally used for fixing electrical wires in offices, completing repairs to a ceiling or roof, or stacking shelves in a warehouse.

The platforms feature rails and brakes to maintain worker safety. Generally used to access spaces between 3m to 6m high, this powered access tool would be ideal for painters, decorators, and electrical contractors.

Due to its design feature, low level platforms fit through corridors and lifts for easy transportation and can be placed on finished flooring causing no damage.

This type of powered access is accepted to me safer and cost-effective when compared with podiums, steps, and ladders.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lift hire is available from PAL Hire, with a range of products, all of which provide excellent controllability and movement, depending on your requirements.

Perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor work, scissor lifts allow work to be completed at various heights, in tight spaces, and harsh conditions. Scissor lifts come equipped with hydraulic outriggers to ensure platforms remain stable in harsh conditions.

Powered access machines can be powered via bi-energy fuel, electric, or diesel fuel. Scissor lifts allow multiple workers on one platform, alongside heavy duty tools, all whilst adhering to safety procedures.

IPAF Training Courses

The IPAF training programme was developed by leading industry professionals. It conforms to ISO 18878, the international standard for mobile elevating work platforms. Over 100,000 operators are trained each year through a network of training centres. Successful trainees receive a Powered Access Licence Card.

IPAF’s enhanced e-learning module is part of its full training programme for MEWPs. The modules deliver flexibility and interactive tools, with the emphasis on practical training.

Together with a written and practical test, the e-learning module can lead to Powered Access Licence Card, proving the operator has successfully completed the training and can operate MEWPs safely.

IPAF have also released several inspection points to be followed at the beginning of each shift and when powered access is in use:

Pre-Start Inspection (the following need to be tested at the start of each shift) Workplace Inspection (the following need to be checked for potential hazards)
Operating and Emergency Controls Drop-offs or Holes
Safety Devices Slopes
Air, Hydraulic, and Fuel Systems Floor Obstructions
Cables and Wiring Debris
Tyres, Wheels, and Brakes Electrical Conductors
Guardrail System Wind and Weather Conditions
Outrigger and Stabilisers Surface on which powered access will be placed

If you need to discuss your options relating to powered access equipment, the best people to speak to are PAL Hire’s team, all of whom have exceptional experience in dealing with working at height issues. They will help you scale to new heights.