Powered Access Hire for Christmas Lights 2

Powered Access Hire for Christmas Lights

2 August 2019

Up and down the UK, in towns and cities planning is underway to bring special Christmas spirit to shoppers. This may be the guise of garlands festooned across the public walkways of shopping centres, modest micro displays powered by and attached to street lampposts to full on glitzy displays that span across your high street. There is no denying we love Christmas decorations in the UK.

Working at height with Christmas displays is a matter of safety and ensuring that what goes up stays there and when the displays are going up, workers are safe and there is not any risk to passing pedestrians or vehicles.

Powered Access for Christmas Displays

Anyone could just grab a ladder and precariously attempt to hang Christmas Lights in a high street or shopping centre. But that is not the safe way to do a task. OK Christmas lights have been hung in your town centre for years. But times change and so do basic standards of health and safety. To do the job professionally; powered access is the safest way to access height. Some local authorities have dedicated lamp teams and equipment – who service streetlamps throughout the year. These may be too busy to complete the task of putting up Christmas decorations. In which case the powered access can be hired in to be used by a competent operator. PAL Hire has a range of cherry pickers, boom lifts, scissor lifts and other powered access equipment for hire, for next day delivery to get those Christmas decorations up in time.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that shopping centres in the UK have their own requirement for powered access. The new High Street also has an internal demand for hanging Christmas decorations. Putting Christmas decorations up inside requires a different type of powered access device. Operating a powered access platform or cherry picker on the public highway would require for it to be registered or for the highway to be closed. In a shopping centre environment consideration needs to be given to emissions. That’s why we have a range of powered access platforms dedicated to the task of working inside. Regardless of the building or application (theatre lights, shopping centre, supermarkets, retail outlets, public spaces such as library’s and council offices) the right equipment can be onsite next day to ensure that Christmas lights go up safely.

Fixtures and Fittings

Getting the right fixtures and fittings for your Christmas Decorations is key to ensuring that they stand the test of the festive season, the British weather if outside and whatever else can pit its wits at the decorations. A good Builder’s Merchants can normally solve this. We know that along with landscaping materials, paving and aggregates for building – Forward Builders’ Supplies has the right fixings and fasteners to ensure that your Christmas Decorations. With Nationwide coverage they have the materials for your projects.

Demand of the Season

As with the summer and portable toilet hire – where there is normally a run (excuse the pun) on availability and demand is high. The Festive / Christmas Season is a time of the year where powered access is in high demand. Our advice is to ensure that you book your powered access well in advance to ensure that you can access the equipment you require to put up your Christmas Decorations.