Powering a Site

Powering a Site

30 August 2018

Power, we all crave it, we all need it, we all require it, but none more so than a construction site or an outdoor event. To some, ruling the world is the pinnacle of life; to PAL Hire, powering a site is what we aspire to achieve for every client.

From lighting towers to generators, PAL Hire has the power to operate a full construction site anywhere in the UK via its network of nationwide suppliers.

Lighting Towers

Lighting hire needs to be at the forefront of your thinking if you wish to operate your construction site through the night. Offering both static and mobile lighting towers, we cater to road and rail works, as well as housing development projects.

Tower lighting is an important piece of equipment at any construction site that will be operating through the night to complete projects ahead of time, and PAL Hire will help you adhere to health and safety legislation.

Our lighting towers are top of the range – all are designed to provide maximum security, maximum efficiency, and maximum benefit to our clients.

PAL Hire offers a variety of lighting tower hire options, including the Eco Tower Light, Hi-Light Lighting Tower, and a Safety Lighting Tower. Each lighting tower has its unique traits, all of which are tailored to specific site requirements. You can discuss your requirements with our team when you call 0844 288 7265.

Safety lighting towers have been designed with a smart stability sensor capable of sensing ground movement, which causes the mast to lower automatically.

Hi-Light lighting towers are designed to work quietly, with its robust and compact build allowing it to be easily transported across the site.

Eco tower lights are environmentally friendly, with studies showing they reduce CO2 emissions.


When running an outdoor event, a company party, or a small gathering, generator hire is the go to solution to keep your event in full swing through the night.

With generators ranging up to 1,250 kVA, we are also able to give you enough power a construction site for several weeks. Power is what you need!

All generators are weatherproof and soundproof, ensuring they are always operating at maximum capacity, allowing you to focus on the job.

Ancillary Services

This is where PAL Hire sets itself apart from every other lighting hire organisation in the UK. Most companies can provide lighting towers and generators; however, the best companies, the category in which PAL Hire resides, can supplement power with secondary services to retain and increase power over a long period of time.

Our fuel management services and fuel bowsers ensure you always have fuel on-site to power plant and machinery.

PAL Hire provides a range of transformers to give a constant power supply to complete your project. Wall-mounted transformers are also available and provide isolation from mains, as well as having the added benefit of thermal overload protection. All transformers are pre-loaded with overload rest circuit trips and are manufactured in accordance with UK BS specifications.

Our expertise within the construction and events industries allows us to a provide a myriad of products specifically designed to the requirements of clients operating in these markets. We know what you need as soon as you ring our team and provide them with your requirements.

PAL Hire is the team to speak to for all your power requirements. Our team members will happily answer any questions and will provide you with a no obligation quote. We deliver anywhere, anytime, and to anyone, even at short notice.