Plant Attachments

Attachments for telehandlers and excavators, including crusher buckets, demolition grabs, lifting brackets, and tipping skips are available for hire from PAL Hire.

Our extensive range of extensions are constructed from heavy duty steel. The steel prevents snapping and offers safety to operatives when working at height.

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Augers are used in construction, fencing, and landscaping. The drive unit can have a range of augers fitted ranging from 150mm to 1000mm and extensions can be added to achieve


The bucket allows operator to lower and lift loads without having to remove the carriage.

Clamshell Buckets

With a full 360 degree rotation, Clamshell Buckets are the ideal accessory for 12 to 22 ton excavators. The Clamshell Buckets can be extended by up to 2m for deeper

Compaction Plates

Compaction Plates offer a safe solution to soil and ground compaction. These hydraulic excavator attachments are designed to increase productivity and safety on-site, and are able to compact up to

Crusher Buckets

The Crusher Bucket is used for recycling various aggregates, such as rock, concrete, granite, and brick. The bucket allows companies to recycle and reuse materials eliminating the cost and need

Demolition Grabs

Demolition Grabs are equipped for heavy duty clearing, with 360 degree rotation, a wide biting area, and powerful closing force. Can be used for a wide range of applications, such

Demolition Shears

Demolition Shears are specifically designed for taking down steel structures. The shears are ideal for cutting thick metals, such as pylons and RSJ steel beams. PAL Hire offers a range

Hydraulic Breakers

PAL Hire has access to one of the UK’s largest fleets of Hydraulic Breakers. Our range of Hydraulic Breakers are renowned for their on-site performance and reliability by several of

Kerb Lifter

Kerb Lifters are mechanical grabs suitable for handling parallel, plane and non-conical concrete elements, such as border stones, slabs, block steps, and kerb stones. If you would like to know

Land Rake

Our Land Rake Attachments are very robust and their versatility allows them to be used for a variety of applications. Land Rakes are non-hydraulic attachments, with units being available for

Lifting Hook

The lifting hook allows an operator to lower and lift loads without having to remove the carriage.


Manipulators are a dedicated attachment for positioning tubes or poles when operating an excavator. Manipulators manoeuvre poles by gripping, lifting and turning, and can handle loads of up to 3000kg


The mini-crusher is commonly used for hard to reach demolition work. Boasts a powerful crushing force and 360 degree hydraulic rotation.

Multi Processors

PAL Hire offers a wide range of multi processors, all of which incorporate different designs to suit a variety of applications. Exchangeable jaws are designed to cut through re-enforced concrete,

Pallet Forks

The Pallet Fork attachment fits onto excavators and telehandlers, enabling it to manoeuvre heavy equipment. Provides a suitable solution for when there is a need to stabilise long loads.

Pile Hammers

Pile hammers are a dedicated attachment for driving sheet piles into most ground conditions. Sheet piles are generally used in temporary structures to protect a workforce working underground. 4 models

Tipping Skip

The tipping skip can turn a forklift into a loading shovel or a dump truck.

Attachments for every task and machine

The lifting buckets effectively pick up large volumes to clear a site quickly. Our lifting hooks/lifting brackets are designed to move suspended loads effectively.

Our sweepers help keeps roads and work sites clean and can fit all the telehandlers we hire out. All our Telehandler attachments are suited for the rigours of everyday use and are routinely inspected.

We deliver excavator and telehandler attachments across the UK.

If you cannot find what you need on our website, give our team a call and we'll source what you need.