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Excavator and digger hire across the UK. We have a complete range of excavators to suite your needs from 1.5 tonne mini diggers to 30 Tonne excavators, all for hire and ready for delivery.

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21T Excavator

The 21T Excavator provides operatives with a machine capable of completing any job on a construction site. Designed to increase productivity and efficiency, the 21T Excavator employs an innovative solution

30T Excavator

For operatives, the 30T Excavator is an easy-to-control piece of machinery allowing them to complete tasks in comfort. With low noise and fuel consumption, our range of 30T Excavators are

3T Excavator

The 3T Excavator is one of the smallest in the PAL Hire range, making it perfect for smaller sized construction sites. This excavator can dig up to a depth of

5T Excavator

5T Excavator hire is easy with PAL Hire. This excavator is efficient and productive, making it ideal for medium sized sites. With a short tail radius, the 5T Excavator packs

6T Excavator

Th 6T Excavator is the most powerful in its kind, designed with excellent stability to work with a variety of attachments. Two auxiliary circuits, precise oil control, an upgraded digging

8T Excavator

8T Excavators are most suited for medium sized projects. PAL Hire’s 8T Excavator is safe and reliable and completes the job, every time. With a 3-pump load-sensing hydraulic system, this

Our excavators come in many sizes. Excavators are also one of our most popular machines. They are available for a wide variety of construction projects.

From mini-excavators to monstrous excavators, it all depends on your hire requirements. Regardless of it being a street repair, urban project or underground work.

Our excavators and diggers are fully equipped to handle the job. Many can carry a payload in excess of 20-tonnes but we also stock 1.5-tonne mini digger machines for those smaller builds.

Our equipment is more than capable of moving large volumes of clay, earth and other material debris day in and day out. This also is for short or long term hire.

Speak to us today to find out the options we can provide.

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