PAL Hire offers an all-encompassing forklift hire service, including forklifts, extensions, and fuel all readily available to hire anywhere in the UK, anytime, for anyone.

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At PAL Hire, our range of forklifts can be hired for short or long-term hire. With full nationwide delivery, we have the right forklift for you regardless of what you're moving or lifting. Our forklifts offer greater reliability for maximum uptime and with our competitive pricing and new equipment, we work hard to provide customer satisfaction to all our clients. We are also able to hire out pallet trucks and pallet stackers with our forklifts. If you prefer to hire a package of trucks together with forklifts, get in touch so we can discuss your exact requirements for the job. Our forklifts can be utilised for both smaller indoor lifting jobs as well as outdoor heavy duty construction work. Contact PAL Hire for a quote today, we look forward to helping you to save time & money wherever you hire, whatever you hire.