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10 kva Generator

This generator can produce over 7 kva of continuous power, which makes it ideal for powering a variety of tools and lighting equipment on large sites

100 Kva Generator

The 100Kva generator is a three-phase diesel generator and is suitable for a range of power and standby applications. The canopy is designed such that it allows for significant noise

1250 Kva Generator

Our 1250 Kva generator comes supplied with touch screen functionality. Controlling a generator of this size has never been easier. With a fuel capacity of over 1500 litres, this generator

150 Kva Generator

Our 150Kva generators are factory built and tested in production so that you receive only the best generators available on the market today. The 150Kva generator is a complete power

2.5 kva Generator

A professional generator with a maximum output of 2.5 kva.

20 kva Generator

This generator can produce continuous high power for a variety of requirements, meeting on-site demands. The 20Kva generator is very silent. It is the ideal generator where councils are very strict

PAL Hire delivers power to you when you need it most. We can help design the best short-term or long-term hire plan based on your power requirements. This includes emergency power for offices, warehouses and industrial settings.

Generator Hire for all Settings and Problems

We provide generator hire services, with our range of generators including continuous running models to the traditional standby unit, which provide power in emergencies when the mains fail. We supply both enclosed and open-framed generators.

Generator Requirements

Not sure what generator you need? - our team have the knowledge to help you make the right power decision. We will also be able to talk you  through additional services that can assist with your power needs on a long or a short term basis. These include fuel management, installation, fuel tanks/bowsers and more. Enquire now for to find out how we can help you.