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250 KVA Generator

You can choose to use this generator on continuous power or as a supply of backup power at the worksite. The fabricated steel mounting allows for the 250Kva generator to

4 kva Generator

A professional generator with a maximum output of 4 kva.

40 kva Generator

This silenced 40 kva generator is ideal for sites which require continuous high power and reliable performance. The 40Kva generator is available in both manual or auto function. The engine

60 kva Generator

This is a super high performance generator that provides continuous power for very large events or construction sites. The 60Kva generator is available in both auto or manual function. The ATS panel

80 Kva Generator

These powerful generators can be applied in businesses, data centres, food outlets such as food trucks, industrial applications as well as in agriculture. With a soundproof canopy, noise is reduced

PAL Hire delivers power to you when you need it most. We can help design the best short-term or long-term hire plan based on your power requirements. This includes emergency power for offices, warehouses and industrial settings.

Generator Hire for all Settings and Problems

We provide generator hire services, with our range of generators including continuous running models to the traditional standby unit, which provide power in emergencies when the mains fail. We supply both enclosed and open-framed generators.

Generator Requirements

Not sure what generator you need? - our team have the knowledge to help you make the right power decision. We will also be able to talk you  through additional services that can assist with your power needs on a long or a short term basis. These include fuel management, installation, fuel tanks/bowsers and more. Enquire now for to find out how we can help you.