Highway Barriers

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Self-Weighted 2 Piece Traffic Cones

Our maximum stability, self-weighted 2 piece traffic cones are designed for rapid deployment and are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including directing traffic away from hazardous areas where

Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCB)

A cost-effective option for traffic-risk safety, PAL Hire Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (A.K.A. V28 Concrete Barriers) offer a highly robust but non-permanent solution for creating safe traffic zones and assisting

Titan Barriers

Titan barriers are the strongest and most robust barrier of its kind available on the market. This blockade is perfect for re-routing both vehicular and foot traffic, and enclosing potential

Vision Barrier

The Vision Barrier can connect to either itself or other existing barriers using the various attachment methods on offer. Reflective strips on the spindles allow increased visibility.

UK Nationwide Highway barriers for hire.