Low Level Access

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Low level access platforms offer the reach required to complete your job quickly and effectively. Without the worry of balance and stability, low level access platforms help you get the job done.

Low level access platforms are perfect for fixing electrical wirings in the office, fixing a globe light, fixing signs, making a roof repair to stacking in the warehouse.

The platforms feature rails and brakes and bars to maintain worker safety at all times. Generally, low access platforms are used to access spaces which are as little as 3m to a maximum reach of about 5 to 6m. Painters, decorators, electrical contractors utilise this compact platform to get their job done.

The narrow feature of the light access platform allows for work on finished flooring without damage. Low access platforms are also much safer and cost effective then podiums, steps and ladders. Due to its design features, it also can fit through corridors, standard doors and lifts. An environmentally friendly version of the low-level access platform called Pecolift is also now available.

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