PAL Hire’s range of compaction equipment includes a variety of single and double drum ride on rollers.

The majority of our range have a higher compaction output and benefits including double traction and vibration.

In addition, we also supply remote control trench rollers, which are particularly suited to more hazardous applications.

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Remote Control Trench Rollers

Remote Control Trench Rollers are compact units ideal for use on back-fill and foundations, pipeline work, and trench construction. These units are specifically designed for the compaction of earthworks. With

Single Drum Pedestrian Roller

Single Drum Pedestrian Roller is the ideal machine for restricted spaces. These rollers can be pushed easily over concrete, aggregate, and asphalt. The perfect solution for pavements, walkways, cycle paths,

Rollers are one of our most popular items at PAL Hire. Hire from our range of double drums or single drum machines.

The double drums allow for a smooth roll. They eliminate markings which can be sometimes left by hand-guided rollers. The mechanics of the double drum roller allow for all-round visibility which increases the accuracy of the roll and an overall better finish for your surface.

The increased fuel and water capacity in our units allow for a quick completion of the job, saving both time and money.

Single drum rollers are ideal for tight spaces. They are more powerful than vibration plates and allow for a surface to be compacted effectively.

You can hire compaction equipment from PAL Hire. Get in touch with us for all your roller needs and check with us about adding vibration plates and floor saws to your order.