Sleeper Units

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10 ft Sleeper Unit

Our 10 ft sleeper unit is designed to offer adequate, clean and comfortable welfare facilities for staff when overnight stays are required.

15 ft Sleeper Unit

Our 15 ft sleeper unit is designed to offer clean, comfortable and adequate welfare facilities when overnight stays are required.

PAL Hire’s Sleeper Units are easy and convenient to install for any size of site. We currently stock 10ft and 15ft units with a much wider range of sizes to come in stock soon. Clean, comfortable and roomy, our sleeper cabins are fully fitted with a range of essential features to make your stay as restful as possible. These include a bed, microwave, toilet, desk and lighting. If you need single, double or triple units, we have advisers on hand to help you with any requirement.

  Before delivery all our sleepers are steam cleaned throughout to ensure they are fully hygienic. Our double lock heavy weight doors guarantee that you’ll be able to sleep without fear of break-ins. At PAL we provide everything you need for your site or event – we are the one stop shop for tool and plant hire saving our clients time and money.

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