Project Management - PAL Hire Can Help You

Project Management – PAL Hire Can Help You

28 February 2019

All aspects of project management revolve around one core principle – communication. Good communication is key for any Project Manager. For a construction project to run successfully, project managers must communicate with a wide range of people from operatives, subcontractors, clients, and designers, to local authorities and members of the public.

Project Management Encompasses Everything

It is the foundation of every construction project, and involves the regulation and supervision of a project from the initial development stage to completion and handover.

Construction project management includes complicated tasks that can change at a minute’s notice depending on the project, the machines available, and the weather. Construction projects are notorious for having several alterations and good project management, as well as a reliable supplier, are key to the stability of the whole project.

Before You Contact PAL Hire

It’s very presumptuous to state you will contact PAL Hire, but project managers understand the complex nature of construction projects and would not pass up the opportunity of utilising a multiple items, multiple sites supplier capable of providing products throughout the UK.

The project planning stage generally involves outlining the scope of work to be undertaken. The main priorities are to plan timescales, resources and materials, and costs. As soon as these have been defined the project is almost ready to begin.

However, the next step is crucial. The next step involves completing a risk management assessment. Identifying potential threats and coming up with solutions, most of which will be last minute when things do not go to plan. This is when you contact PAL Hire. We are the expert at breaking down problems and finding solutions matching your requirements.

Contacting PAL Hire

Project managers contact PAL Hire every day and they all start the conversation with the same sentence, “We need your help.” They’ve been let down last minute or a piece of machinery hasn’t arrived, and their current supplier is unwilling or unable to help.

When we delve deeper, we find managers generally tend to use the same suppliers time and time again even though mistakes have occurred previously. Why has change not taken place? Why would you stick with a supplier that continuously lets you down, makes you go over budget and over your initial deadlines?

PAL Hire, a multiple items, multiple sites supplier capable of delivering products within 24-48 hours of orders being placed, providing a multitude of products and services, throughout the UK, always delivers on time, to your requirements, and keeps you up to date at all times.

We’re able to help last minute, but we’re also capable of sourcing products weeks and months in advance, ready for you to use on day one of a project, and our support team will plan delivery and collection times, as well as liaise with drivers.

In the same manner communication is key for project managers, communication is what makes PAL Hire stand out in an industry supplying the same products. At all stages, we’re in constant communication with our clients, suppliers, and all those involved in delivering, maintaining, and collecting equipment.

Software is Leading the Way

The changing shape of the construction industry has given to the rise of construction project management software as it allows remote management of projects and allocation of resources at a much quicker rate. This trend is expected to continue growing as mobile-friendly software combined with a younger workforce that is comfortable with using technology plays a big part in the transformation of the construction industry.

Alongside using PAL Hire, utilising construction project management software makes your life easier. All leading software incorporate easy-to-use functions that help breakdown jobs into smaller tasks. This is highly recommended as smaller tasks allow a Project Manager to divert resources and have more control over the project in its execution phase.

There is a plethora of elements when planning a construction project, and in the near future, using project management software will become the norm as it will help your company stand out from competitors due to integration and transparency with clients that is presented by the software.

Construction management demands complete attention and great commitment from project managers. They need to be prepared for the unexpected, which is why PAL Hire needs to be on speed dial. We are the experts at resolving issues at the last minute and our communication skills mean we can transition from last minute to first call for your next project.