Protecting Your Workforce When it Rains

Protecting Your Workforce When it Rains

17 August 2018

Your workforce is the backbone of your company. Until AI and robotic technology advances to a point where humans are no longer the most advanced species on Earth, you need your workforce on your side. As humans we’re genetically developed to seek sunshine. Sunshine represents happiness. Rain represents sadness. PAL Hire’s aim is to bring your workers happiness when it’s raining.

We understand this could be an impossible task. Some of us have tried to make people happy when they’re unhappy and have only made things worse; however, we’ve not been using PAL Hire’s strategy.

What do you give someone when it’s raining? An umbrella is the obvious answer, but it doesn’t keep them warm. Maybe the purpose of an umbrella isn’t to keep someone warm, but to keep them dry. What if PAL Hire could keep your workforce dry and warm at the same time, would that not be the sensible option? It would. That’s because PAL Hire is the sensible option.

We can offer you options A to Z when you need to protect your workforce from the rain. The protection not only includes keeping workers warm and dry, but also keeping them safe when they’re working in the rain.

A construction site is quite possibly one of the most dangerous working areas when it is raining. Alongside rain, we generally have wind, and when it’s wet and windy, the danger intensifies. As with most safety procedures, you need to train your workforce before they’re let loose on-site.


When it rains, don’t run. It’s a simple, but very strong message. Wet ground, slippery surfaces, mud, more damage can be caused if someone runs in rain and slips then taking cautious, slow steps across the site.


There are two strands to visibility, one is site visibility and the other is worker visibility. Worker visibility is easy – make sure every worker is wearing a hi vis jacket. In the rain, a hi vis jacket could protect you from machine operators, who otherwise may not be able to see you if it’s raining.

Site visibility refers to lighting. If you’re working at night, it’s already dark, the visibility is already poor, you already need a lighting tower. Don’t make the mistake of not hiring a lighting tower and it rains because visibility will become zero, you’ll have to pause your project, and the project will take longer to complete.


Rain gear includes rain pants and a raincoat, with the best clothing being ventilated to help workers stay comfortable. During the rainy days and nights, workers should also wear synthetic materials to stay warm when wet.

Gloves are vitally important on a construction site. The correct gloves provide stability, grip, and eradicate mistakes. The wrong gloves, and you’ve lost a hand or a foot. Workers should wear gloves providing a sticky grip when wet. Gloves should be snug and long enough for a jacket sleeve to prevent water from entering.

Site Accommodation

PAL Hire can provide a range of site accommodation to ensure your workers have a warm, safe environment in which they can spend their lunch hours, or to get out of the rain for a few minutes. This will be greatly appreciated by your workforce.

Our Drying Rooms range from 10ft to 32ft, all of which are fully insulated and have built-in heaters, so workers are kept dry and warm. The units can be transported to other areas of the construction site, which can come in handy if it’s an extremely large site and workers will be operating in different areas every few weeks.

Our Sleeper Units offer a clean and comfortable facility for staff when overnight stays on-site are required. The sleeper units include a bed, microwave, toilet, shower, wash basin, and desk. Fully weatherproof and watertight, the units are an ideal place to relax and unwind after a long day on-site and keeps workers out of the rain.

The pièce de résistance in our Mary Poppins bag of equipment is our Welfare Units. Available as static or mobile units, they are self-contained, featuring areas for showering, sleeping, dry clothes, and canteen facilities. Units can be towable, solar powered, or eco-friendly – the choice is yours.

With heavy rain and potential flooding on the horizon, now is the time to act to protect your workforce. Happy workers will work harder; their productivity will be off the charts; a little investment in their welfare will go a long way. Call the team on 0844 288 7265.