Pumping Water in an Emergency

Pumping Water in an Emergency

4 September 2018

During times of an emergency, the average human being runs around like a headless chicken not knowing what to do or who to call and the catastrophe worsens. PAL Hire’s team are not your average human beings, they are a world-class team who resolve problems in a time of need.

Due to our UK-wide client base, one of the main issues we’ve had to resolve time and time again has been pumping water out of a property. When the issue first arose, PAL Hire took the step of ensuring we had a wide range of suppliers capable of acting quickly in tough situations and providing an emergency response service.

Water pumps are the best solution when it comes to quickly removing water from a property. PAL Hire provides a range of water pumps, including:

  • Submersible Pump – Primarily used for deep water found in swimming pools, wells, and drains.
  • Puddle Pump – The primary option when pumping water out of flooded areas and buildings.
  • Diaphragm Pump – For all-round, general pumping of water, with the capability of removing light sludge.
  • Centrifugal Pump – Portable, lightweight pumps can use for removing water from properties.
  • Pump Dehumidifier – Heavy duty dehumidifier has a built-in pump to automatically discharge collected water into a sink or drain.

The above products can be hired from PAL Hire and will be delivered ASAP to ensure the damage caused to your property or your business is not irreversible. Our suppliers understand the importance your property has to your home and business, as well as understanding the importance of providing every client the best possible service.

We sincerely hope you will never have to use these products; however, if you’ve found this post whilst searching for a company to help clear water from your property, call us on 0844 288 7265 and we promise to clean your premises from top to bottom.

What we do hope is you find this article whilst searching for a way to protect your property from incoming floods, as I would like to point you in the direction of our fences and barriers. Our robust barriers can be placed around your property to provide complete protection, putting your mind at ease.

To protect your business, call PAL Hire on 0844 288 7265.