Saving Time On Hiring Plant and Machinery and What that Means?

Saving Time On Hiring Plant and Machinery and What that Means?

12 April 2019

Next Day Delivery of plant and machinery on site is needed if you need to solve problems quickly. This article discusses the reason for such a service. PAL Hire provides next day delivery on a range of core products. Subject to terms, availability and geographic location we can get equipment to your site within 24 hours.

Sometimes it is not easy to ensure that you get the kit you need, even when the work you need completing is routine. But there may be times when you have an emergency and you have short notice to get kit on site. Having someone to turn to and pick the pieces up is always useful. PAL Hire is the company to provide ad hoc quick turnaround on most of the equipment, plant and machinery we hire.

Emergency plant or machinery needed to be hired on site

  • What do you do when there is a machine breakdown and you have no supplier in place to keep the job going? Or you have additional requirement for toilets?
  • Need additional RORO skips on site?
  • What if you need Emergency Grab Hire?
  • Where do you go if you have not factored for inclement weather or for a Road Sweeper to keep the roads around your project accessible?
  • Where do you go to fix or solve a problem on site?
  • How about an emergency exchange of skip or waste container

Regardless if it is a short-term emergency hire or a long-term hire solution. Regardless of the short term nature – we can solve your plant and machinery hire problem and get the equipment on site and on time.

The cost of not saving time is?

Saving time in business is saving money. It does not matter what your line of business is or where you are in the industry. Getting the job done quicker saves money. In construction and on building sites. Not having jobs completed on time can to the issue, often the larger the build – the larger the penalty. Penalty clauses, client remorse and reputation are all at stake if time is not adhered to.

Types of delay and the consequences

With exception to the great British weather, there are limited occasions when a construction site will have reason to not meet deadlines. On larger civil engineering projects such as Crossrail, where the Elizabeth Line has been delayed until Autumn 2019. Planning for specific deadline years in advance as the proposed opening date was always going to be difficult it is like trying to hit a moving dart board which is 300 feet away with your eyes closed. Whilst the Elizabeth line development is so complex and should win awards for its sheer audacity. That opening date will have been compounded by micro delays – the level of civil engineering, the sheer human accomplishment of what they are trying to achieve is massive. Due to the high value and profile or the works, London can see the impact of the works, London can feel the delays.

Crossrail is the highest profile civil engineering project in the UK with multiple sites, accepting multiple projects and multiple disciplined trades working in conjunction to deliver success. The level of equipment that is needed on site at specific times is mind blowing. From the immense engineering aspect of the tunnelling, to the installation of the new stations, their bespoke artwork and safety features – this is rail infrastructure at the vanguard of technology and will last the 100 years plus. Ferrying London’s commuters and her visitors and changing the dimensions of the London Underground forever. Crossrail is a success story already. if you take all these aspects in to account. Simon Wright (CEO of Crossrail) and his team should be proud. The next chapter of the worlds oldest underground mass transit system may be delayed but it is still on track to pave the way for a Greater London. The lessons learnt in Crossrail will be crucial for the upcoming Crossrail2 project. Where London takes her next leap of development from North to South. She will again evolve and yet again mass transit as we know it will never be the same again.

On smaller sites

When equipment fails and you lose the capability to dig out footings or you have an unexpected requirement for powered access (scissor lift or aluminium towers). If you do not have that equipment on site each day you lose in productivity costs money. Contact our team of account managers who will be able at a short notice book the right hired plant, machinery or equipment for you. Normally bookings made on our core product list are delivered onsite the next day. Customers of PAL Hire find our hire solutions quick and simple.

What you need to hire equipment from PAL Hire

To hire plant, machinery or equipment from PAL Hire, even at short notice all you need is:

  • Proof of Identification
  • Proof of Address (company Address)
  • A landline Telephone number
  • Where possible we can open an account for you to make hiring plant and machinery equipment easier
  • You can start that process now by completing the form below

Save your company time and money reach out by using this simple form and begin your hire journey with PAL Hire.

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