Servicing a Toilet 3

Servicing a Toilet

6 February 2019

Maintaining good hygiene on a construction site is essential when there are portable toilets on-site until the end of a project. PAL Hire has a range of service options that can be booked via our consultants, ensuring hygiene standards do not slip through the entirety of a project.

As mentioned in a previous article, PAL Hire provides a wide range of toilets. All these toilets require regular servicing. We offer one complimentary service with each toilet hire and additional servicing can be requested at the time of sale or after a few weeks.

The HSE have provided guidelines for what needs to be provided to construction workers in terms of toilet facilities:

  • Flushing toilets – need to be connected to the main drainage system, where available. Otherwise, use toilets with a built-in water supply and drainage tanks.
  • Chemical toilets – portable chemical toilets are acceptable where you cannot provide flushing toilets. They may be the only achievable way of providing toilet facilities at the start or end of a project. Common on temporary sites or in addition to permanent facilities on more remote parts of larger sites.

Additional servicing is recommended all year round due to welfare regulations and you having a duty of care over your workers to provide them with a good working environment.

Toilets hired from PAL Hire will be durable enough to withstand harsh weather and come stocked with all the required sanitation resources; however, portable toilets have a limited capacity. Eventually, workers will be unable to use them because of the smell – the toilets need to be pumped.

For each type of toilet offered by PAL Hire, there are different processes that take place during the service.

Portable Toilets

The standard procedure for a portable toilet, most commonly found at construction sites across the UK, is for the waste to be emptied into a service vehicle, the toilet to be refilled with blue liquid that is used to neutralise odours, and consumables such as toilet paper to be replenished.

This is offered when you request additional services and, depending on the length of your site and the number of workers on-site, is generally completed once a week. If you need it more than once a week, please request this when talking to our team.

All waste collected by PAL Hire’s suppliers is disposed of in accordance with current waste regulations.

Mobile Toilet Blocks

Generally, mobile toilet blocks are the prime option in terms of cleanliness and hygiene on-site when considering toilet options.

As they are connected to the main drainage supply, servicing a toilet block is different to servicing a portable toilet. As there is no chemical tank, the need for a service vehicle and tank is futile.

The toilets can be easily wiped down and bleached, while the heavy-duty vinyl flooring makes for straightforward cleaning.

For a long-term, easy-to-service solution, hiring mobile toilet blocks from PAL Hire for your construction site is the best option. It also advocates greater personal hygiene as toilet blocks have built-in sinks, ensuring more people wash their hands.

Event Toilets

If your event runs for several days or weeks, it is highly recommended you have any on-site toilets serviced regularly. The greater number of people attending the event, the more toilets you need, or the more often you need toilets servicing.

For events that hire luxury toilets, daily servicing could be required to ensure customer satisfaction remains high and there are no complaints at the end of the event.


When placing toilets at an event or on a construction site, consideration must be given to the ease at which they can be accessed for a serviceman to clean without disrupting proceedings.

At an event that may require the toilets serviced during the day, the toilets need to be far away to not disrupt the acts, but close enough to be accessible by the event goers.

On a construction site, they need to be placed at a safe and convenient location for both the workers on-site and the servicemen.

If you need to hire a toilet, arrange additional servicing for an existing toilet, or wish to have a general conversation about potential toilet and welfare options for an event in the summer of 2019, speak to our consultants.

The number is 0844 288 7265.