Single Point of Billing

Single Point of Billing

25 July 2018

Imagine you entered your local store and purchased a bunch of banana, a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, and a gallon of milk, walked to the counter and the cashier provided four receipts, one for each product. Would you question why the purchases could not be combined into a single point of billing? If you had to keep the receipts, would you rue the fact you have four pieces of paper rather than one? Would you go as far as asking your local store to see if they’d combine the purchases onto a single bill?

PAL Hire has entered several stores where it was provided individual receipts for each purchase which, ultimately, led us to introduce single point invoicing to save our clients and their accounts team time processing invoices. In the construction industry, organisations will keep receipts to stay on top of costs and keep track of capital expenditure, and through our thorough research, we’ve found a single point of billing is the best option for all parties involved in the hire of equipment.

We’ve eradicated the need to trawl through piles and piles of invoices for single hires on multiple sites through the introduction of our single point invoicing, which has been described as a lifesaver by some of our clients – one client was recently asked why they kept coming back to use PAL Hire. Their answer was simple: single point of billing.

How Does Single Point of Billing Work?

The concept of a single point of billing is simple: you hire skips for a construction site in Glasgow, portable toilets and site accommodation for a site in London, and lighting for works to be completed in Manchester. Four different products, three different cities, and only one bill. Instead of your accounts team processing four different invoices, they only process one. The time saving benefits do not need to be spelt out, but this has all come to fruition as PAL Hire continues to listen to its customers and provide the best user experience within the hire industry.

Why did PAL Hire Introduce Single Point of Billing?

User experience. We want you to pick up the phone and have the same sense of satisfaction you get at the end of the call as you would do after completing a gruelling 6-week construction project. The beauty of working with PAL Hire is you only have to ring us once. One call is all it takes for PAL Hire to fulfil your hiring needs.

Our ethos is to do it right first time because we don’t want you to suffer. If you ring another hiring company, they may not be able to offer you the range of products or services you can find on our website.

If they can’t offer you one piece of equipment, you’ll have to ring a second company, or maybe a third, a fourth, a fifth, and the number of phone calls you’re having to make is astronomical and you’re wasting time chasing hiring companies as opposed to focusing on the project.

One call is all it takes. One call to PAL Hire. One call and your problems are resolved. When you pick up the phone, there is an opportunity cost as time spent on administration tasks is time taken away from being on-site. PAL Hire takes the hassle out of hire and takes the hassle out of admin.

If you’re currently receiving receipts for each piece of kit you hire, ring PAL Hire on 0844 288 7265 and we’ll save you time, make your life easier, and provide you with an unrivalled level of customer service.