Site Security

Site Security

23 August 2018

A construction site generally houses mountains of equipment, plant, tools, and personnel, all of which need protecting. The need for site security will more than likely be discussed at the end of the planning stage, or after the plant and machinery has been secured.

From the moment you ring PAL Hire, we place these thoughts at the forefront of your mind and will provide you information regarding various security options alongside providing a cost-effective quote for all your hiring needs.

The protection and security of your workforce must be the first worry on your mind as without them, you won’t be able to operate the machinery. Protecting your workforce and can also be viewed as protecting the public. Once you’ve protected your workforce and public, you need to shift your focus on protecting your equipment. The value of plant is into the hundreds of thousands, you do not want them to be damaged or stolen whilst on-site. That would be disastrous to your project and your reputation.

HSE have noted the following as major hazards:

  • Openings and excavations – people can be injured if they fall into excavations or manholes, and you will need to put up barriers.

Pedestrian barriers can be placed on temporary roadworks, groundwork, or to cover open excavations. All barriers are suitably designed and built for road use. The barriers provided by PAL Hire are Chapter 8 complaint.

  • Delivery and Site Vehicles – pedestrians cannot be struck by vehicles entering or leaving the site. Obstructing the pavement during deliveries may force pedestrians into the road, where they can be struck by other vehicles.

PAL Hire provides vehicle gates that are ideal for construction sites and come with the added benefit of a secure sliding lock, which can be used in conjunction with a padlock to increase site security.

  • Storing and stacking materials – reduce the risks associated with the storage of materials by storing materials within the site perimeter, preferably in secure compounds or away from the perimeter fencing.

Our storage containers are safe and secure, and the equipment can be kept dry when not in use, as well as being easily accessible and saving you money on transport costs.

Site security expands beyond the machinery and employers looking after their workforce. It also involves educating and training employees to act in a safe manner and to protect themselves at all times. The first health and safety apprenticeship has been launched, with the scheme designed to address the impact technology and innovation are having on the construction sector.

In a world where construction sites are becoming larger and some site work can be completed by a single individual, communication equipment is vital, so workers can keep in contact with each other and alert others to dangers or hazards on-site.

Section 3 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places general duties on employers to conduct their undertakings in such a way as to ensure that persons other than themselves or their employees are not exposed to risks to their health or safety. To ensure you are fully complaint with all legislation, speak to PAL Hire about your site security options.