Sleeping Pods Are more Cost Effective than Hotels

12 January 2021

The great news is construction is full steam ahead. At PAL Hire we have been supporting business, providing hire equipment all through Lockdown 1, Lockdown 2 and now this current Lockdown which is starting 2021 off.

With construction being all business as usual, it means trades still need to get on site. The logistics of looking after your team when they are away from home can be difficult. Especially if your team moves about the country or you need them close to a long-term site.

This is where hotels come in. But with the current state of the pandemic, your team needs to use single rooms in hotels and not share. Eventually there is argument for your team to form bubbles. In the same manner production companies do for television programming. However, when you are dealing with multi-tasking trades or transient employees. Then you need a better solution.

Often overlooked, sleeping pods are easy to book and get onsite where you need them. Providing an ideal location for your team to crash between shifts and keeping everything in line with social distancing standards. Here is another bit of good news about the sleeping pods. They do not cost that much. If you compare their weekly amount to that of a single night in a hotel then you have a viable solution for long or mid-term projects.

What are the pitfalls of sleeping pods?

You have got to have some space to house them. They will need some utilities (plug them in and add water) even the grey water aspect of sleeping pods is modular. Meaning you can set your sleeping pods up in a semi off grid environment. Chances are you have power on site?


Everything else may need to keep your team looked after is also available from PAL Hire. This includes and is not limited to Site Wide Internet, Welfare Units and Canteens, Power, Water, lighting, and Waste Facilities.

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