Sleeping Rough for Charity

Sleeping Rough for Charity

5 April 2019

The majority of people come into daily contact with the homeless. We see them every time we go into our city centres, all of them sleeping rough. Have you ever tried sleeping rough? Could you survive a night on the streets?

Dan Daintry, PAL Hire’s Company Director, will walk in the shoes of the homeless when he and his young family ¬– an 8 year old son and 4 year old daughter – will be spending a night sleeping rough on the streets of Liverpool.

Sam Snelson, PAL Hire’s Company Director, has previously spent a night on the streets and this year it’s Dan’s turn, with all the proceeds going to charity.

Asked why he decided to take his children with him, Dan explained, “The challenge of having to sleep rough in sleeping bags on cardboard beds helps our children understand how privileged they are and that they can choose to make a difference to those less fortunate.”

The money raised for charity will be going to The Whitechapel Centre. The work Whitechapel helps thousands and thousands of people every year. It is one of Liverpool’s leading homeless charities and works tirelessly to ensure everyone has somewhere safe to sleep.

With homeless numbers continuing to rise, approx. 320,000 people are now sleeping rough in the UK.

The stats are staggering. 1 in 3 people would be on the brink of homelessness if they lost their job.

To you and me, a £10 donation to a worthy cause may seem minimal, but to a homeless person, £10 could mean a warm meal, escape from the rain, and the start of a journey to help them get off the streets forever.

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