The DX140LC-7 Excavator is an amazing piece of kit!

18 April 2023

The DX140LC-7 offers fantastic quality, exceptional power, and incredible design features to make it one of the more desirable excavators currently on the market. Which is why The Kingsheath construction fleet just bought 10 new DX140LC-7 crawler excavators.

Why the DX140LC-7?

With so many excavators on the market, it’s hard to know which is the best for the job. From electric excavators to new improved diesel excavators, it doesn’t take long to be overwhelmed by statistics, spec sheets, and fine details that don’t seem to really help you make the decision that needs to be made. Which is why we think it’s always better to hear from people that have used the machines themselves, which is why we spoke to Kingsheath about their latest purchase.

Nick Earl, Plant Manager at Kingsheath Construction, describes the process behind the purchase of the new excavators: “Kellands provided us with a machine for a month to try out across a number of our sites. In this way, we received feedback from around 10 of our top drivers. The DX140LC-7 machines were chosen ahead of excavators we tested from three other leading manufacturers.”

Nick Earl added: “The build quality of these machines is a massive leap from the machines we have had previously. The DX140LC-7 also offers high comfort and a 180 degree camera system as standard, which we increase to a 360 degree system on every machine, to provide all round safety when using the machines on site.”

About the New DX-7 Range from DEVELON

Powered by the D34 4-cylinder Stage V diesel engine providing 86 kW (115 HP) of power at 2000 RPM, the 14.6 tonne DX140LC-7 is one of 11 models in DEVELON’s new generation DX-7 range of medium-sized Stage V compliant excavators from 14 to 25 tonne.

Like the other DX-7 models, the DX140LC-7 provides significantly higher performance in every area than the previous generation Stage IV machine, offering enhanced comfort, increased tool carrier capability and novel operator assist technology.

Other new features boost fuel efficiency, uptime and return on investment, with a focus on increased power, robustness and agility. Maintenance of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) has also been greatly reduced, with no maintenance required until the machine has operated for 8000 hours.

Who are DEVELON?

When DOOSAN announced that they would be re-branding as DEVELON, it came as a surprise to most as the brand was a well established name in the industry. However, whilst their name has changed, the ethos of the company remains. The new DX-7 models are a fantastic example of that as well. Showcasing the brands commitment to innovation and quality.

How to try a DX140LC-7?

With all this new equipment being released so often, it can be tricky to know if it is worth investing in one model when another one will be released shortly after. New innovations are being made every year and models that are state of the art one second are old the next, when fundamentally the older machines still do the job.

Hence, how can you actually work out what is worth making the upgrade for? Well, here at PAL Hire, we help you to make that decision, because here we have the equipment so you don’t have to buy it. Simple rent one out from us and see if it’s what you need. Want to try out the DX140LC-7? Then why not hire it out for your next job. Have the machine present for the entire contract and see how well it holds up for your needs.

With PAL Hire, we have access to the largest network of hire depots in the country, meaning we have all the equipment you need, at fantastic prices, with incredible availability, all year round.