The heat is on - Spring consideration for Home and Work

The heat is on – Spring consideration for the office

20 April 2018

With the Met Office announcing that yesterday was the hottest April day for 70 years and tomorrow looking to join it. We have been inundated with domestic and trade waste enquiries all over the UK. It seems that spring is finally here, and the great British Public is embracing the weather to prepare for summer and the rest of the year.

At Home

Garden waste appears to be one of the defining reasons why people are ordering for the domestic setting. We are in the season of sorting that garden and adding curb appeal to our des res! It is interesting to see the types of enquiry we receive. “Ripping out the kitchen…”,” We are changing the bathroom…” to “we are having a clear out” are all reasons to look forward to the weekend and all seem like a lot of work.

The Garden

It is important to consider that even the classic skip which has been the expression of home improvement and building work in suburbia has its limits. If you are planning to fill it with soil, rock and old turf. Skips have their limits and there is nothing more inconvenient than having to scale back a skip and order a second to cover the garden waste you need to get rid of.  Have an idea of quantity in advance so there are no uncomfortable surprises.

We also advise caution when tackling outbuildings in the pursuit of your ideal outside summer space. There are a still plenty of outhouses, buildings and garages which have asbestos included in their construction. If you are unsure if you have asbestos on your property, give us a call and we will be able to guide you through safe asbestos removal to disposal.

We also have a complete range of tools available for hire – discover more here.

At work and in the office

As temperatures soar in spring this is good opportunity to asses how warm your working environment is? Offices, workshops and factories suffer from lack of productivity as the mercury rises. It is great to see what options you have for cooling at work. We have a raft of cooling fans, air conditioners, coolers available for hire as well as dryers just in case a spring/summer shower turns in to a deluge.

Finally we have all your spring hire needs boxed off both at home and at work. Contact our team and see how we can help you with your requirements.