The Perfect DIY Outdoor Summer Wedding 3

The Perfect DIY Outdoor Summer Wedding

24 April 2018

As we slowly creep closer to summer, we can only hope for nice weather. But Pal Hire have the best ideas to have the perfect outdoor summer wedding of your dreams.

It’s more cost effective. You can tailor it however you like, making it more personal for the happy couple, and if you get the weather (which could be a little hit and miss in the UK) it could be magical. If this sounds like everything you’ve ever wanted, follow this handy guide to make your dreams, a reality.

Find a Field

One of the best things about this wedding idea, you can choose almost anywhere for the location. If you have permission off the land owner, you can set up the wedding reception in a field, big enough for as many guests as you desire. This is a great idea for a couple with a big guest list, as you don’t have to try and find a venue to accommodate your guests.

You can choose the field with the best scenery, perfect for your wedding photos. Have if in whatever location you like, near a hotel for your guests to stay or close by to where they all live, or even have it somewhere remote and personal.

Hire a Marquee

In England, you can never guarantee the weather, so a marquee could add that little shelter for if the rain happens to fall. You could go all out with the decorating of this, adding your own touch to create the perfect final look.

Get a Generator

Now an event in a marquee wouldn’t be complete without a generator. After all, what is a wedding without music? You’ll need electricity for your big day, so a generator will be a necessary addition.


Lighting is very important, and Pal Hire can help with this. We have a range of lighting to offer to make your venue shine bright.


Portaloo’s is one of the things that turn people away from wanting an outdoor wedding. When you think of portable toilets, you automatically think of small muddy toilets at a festival, but Pal Hire will go the extra mile to provide you with luxury portable toilets to fulfil your guests needs. Our luxury 3+1 toilet blocks have three ladies’ WC’s, one gent’s, and three urinals’, with two hand basins in each side and vanity mirrors. Yep, that’s right, vanity mirrors! After all, how will your wedding guests cope without mirrors to touch up their make-up?


As the evening draws closer, it could get a little chilly, being outside and all. With Pal Hire’s oil fired heater, it could have the marquee warmed up in no time, allowing the party to continue on all night long.

Little Added Extras

Pal Hire’s rope and post barriers could be a lovely touch, possibly along with a red carpet, to line the entrance of your venue, making the bride and groom feel like movie stars.

Have some picnic benches to keep with the outdoor theme for your wedding breakfast, instead of ordinary tables and chairs. Decorated with flowers, it could be the perfect touch to your big day.

You could even go the extra mile and hire some fair ground rides to really make you big day special. Your guests would love it and it would make for some brilliant photo opportunities.

Here at Pal Hire, we can provide almost everything to make your outdoor wedding one to remember.

If this sounds like the kind of wedding you have been dreaming of, get in touch with one of our fabulous team to see how we can help.