There's a Storm Coming

There’s a Storm Coming

11 October 2018

There’s a storm coming, and we’d all best be ready when he does. A famous movie quote seems appropriate as Storm Callum passes through the UK, no doubt leaving devastation in its wake.

The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for Dumfries, Galloway, Lothian, and Scottish Borders. This has now been followed up by an amber warning for Wales.

As Storm Callum passes the UK, a period of heavy rain will affect Wales on Friday and Saturday. The rain will be accompanied by strong winds, which could lead to the destruction of roads and trees, increasing the likelihood of flooding.

PAL Hire offers several options to protect your premises at very short notice. We are set up to service both the domestic and commercial market. Do not risk your business.

Before Flood Solutions

500mm and 900mm Flood Barriers – proven and effective flood prevention methods, which can be rapidly assembled by one person.

If you operate a construction or utilities company and need to protect valuable assets from being damaged by rising water levels, we recommend the 900mm Flood Barrier.

After Flood Solutions

If the water has already affected your business, a Puddle Pump is the ideal solution to quickly clear the water out of your premises. A fully submersible pump capable of clearing 11 litres of water every 60 seconds.

To complement the Puddle Pump, we also offer a Floor and Carpet Dryer. The three-speed high power piece of equipment can dry rooms with ease and at speed.

Importance of Solutions

We’ll ensure to provide you the machinery as quick as possible, and when you speak to our team they will immediately begin working on your requirements as a priority as we understand the risk of damage and financial loss that could be experienced if there is heavy rain.

PAL Hire offers two solutions: one before the flooding and one after. We sincerely hope your premises have not been affected by the adverse weather.

There is still time to act. Pick up the phone, call our team, the number is 0844 288 7265.