Hire Kit Needed To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Hire Kit Needed To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

10 September 2018

The Equipment List to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Fencing for security
  2. Generators
  3. Fuel
  4. Lighting
  5. Containerised Storage
  6. Sleeping Cabins Accommodation
  7. Powered Access (cherry picker or MEWP)
  8. Excavator
  9. Toilets and Showers
  10.  Site Equipment

Explanation and method

The best strategy when confronted by a zombie apocalypse will be to establish a base and create a secure compound. It does not matter where you are in the UK, we can have the equipment you need delivered to start a base to get you through the upcoming crisis. Here you can store everything you need to get through. Here is our guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Anti-Climb Fencing

Starting with a perimeter fence you will need to ensure that this is human and small animal proof. Our anti-climb fencing is perfect for this task, providing you with a secure perimeter with fencing that has proven to keep humans out of building sites all over the country. Zombies in the later stage of infection will not be able to scale your compound. We do suggest ordering enough fencing to create two layers of protection. Those pesky zombies get disorientated after the first climb and get stuck in the middle. You will be able to deal with them once they are in there.


Power for your compound is essential. You must keep the lights on. Everything from refrigeration, to welfare units needs power. You can hire generators from PAL Hire to get you through this also includes fuel. The more self-sufficient you are the better. We have a variety of generator types that will cater for all your power needs. They can even power your perimeter fans* which is really useful. Also you will be pleased to know that generators can run fairly silent which is reassuring to know you can hear zombie breath behind you – gives you chance to run if you can hear them coming.


Lighting is important. During the last zombie invasion, we discovered the need to keep the compound well lit 24 hours a day. You can not allow for any dark areas within your compound, they hide in the dark and use it to grow in numbers. Start with good perimeter lighting, then task lighting by hiring our tower lights. These come with several options to keep you and you safe in your compound.


You are going to need to store all your kit securely in the compound, food, tools and everything you need to deal with the threat effectively needs a home to store. These can be stacked or at ground level. We can arrange your site storage problems.

Sleeping Accommodation

You will need a command centre and somewhere for your team to rest. We suggest speaking to our team of specialists who will work with you to ensure that you have accommodation to support your needs in the compound. This could be simple sleeping cabins, welfare units or drying rooms when your guard has just come off watch in the dead of the night. You have to sleep, if you do not sleep then you risk a surprise attack and not being able to ward off any issues. You need to stay sharp.

Powered Access

You are going to have to service those perimeter lights somehow. Also accessing high places in the compound is going to be crucial when skirmishing against oncoming hoards of zombies. Having mobile vantage points is going to give you the edge here. Remember that you will need to ensure operators have the correct certification – even in times of apocalypse.


You are going to have to dig a few holes to dispose of…just in-case they get through your secure anti-climb fencing…we can arrange appropriate plant for hire – which will enable you to dispose of your vanquished zombies in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. You will need at least a digger and a dumper.

Toilets and Showers

We wanted to put this higher up our list of equipment necessary to survive a zombie apocalypse. But to be honest you will be too busy fighting off crazed green skinned crawlers to remember to shower. You certainly will need to know that even in times of crisis our toilets are serviced ensuring that you can go about your business surviving.

Site Tools

It is fascinating the amount of site equipment can be hired. The kind of thing which can decapitate a swaying dribble of crusty undead. If you are not stopping them dead in their tracks you are going to need equipment to rebuild infrastructure when normality returns. You name it we have the site equipment you need to join in the post zombie apocalypse rebuild. *Perimeter fans are useful to ward off zombie stench – (Zombies do not smell too nice).

The other side of the zombie apocalypse

When things have calmed down, the threat has been buried and society can return to normality. We can arrange to have your compound dismantled. Your fencing if stacked (zombie fingers removed please) correctly, will be collected. Cabins and plant will be off-hired, we will work out the fuel you have used and ensure that everything you used is accountable in a single billing solution. Call out team today and plan to survive the next zombie apocalypse.