Types of Hire Insurance

Types of Hire Insurance

2 July 2018

One of the most important words in the working world is “insurance.” It could be in relation to your house, your car, and your family pet. Insurance will cover you against 99.9% of all claims. If you’re currently planning a construction project, you will also need to consider plant hire insurance.

Several companies offer several different types of packages that they claim is the best package on the market; however, PAL Hire offers HireGuard. HireGuard has been specifically designed by the Hire Association of Europe to meet the requirements of every organisation hiring plant machinery and equipment. It is the best package on the market.

As the hire package is offered by an association, several other companies will offer the same package; PAL Hire stands out from these companies because of its exceptional customer service team, who you will talk to if you call 0844 288 7265.

Every member of the team possesses immense knowledge which will put you at ease when it comes to your hire and insurance options, as well as ensuring cover starts the second the order is completed.


The best policy designed solely for the hire industry, covering several potential incidents, inducing accidents using the machines, damage to the machinery, and acts of criminality. It must be remembered plant machinery are high-value assets worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and not purchasing HireGuard insurance is almost unforgivable. You can speak to one of our team via our online chat to discuss insurance options.

On the surface, all insurance products may be similar; however, when you delve into the minor details, the picture becomes clearer and the difference couldn’t be bigger. HireGuard stands head and shoulders above any other hire insurance product, with the key differentiators being:

  • Covers physical loss or damage to the equipment, including whilst in transit.
  • Liability limit up to £150,000 for any one occurrence.
  • Full replacement value for all equipment up to 2 years old.
  • Available for only 15% of the hire rate, which can be conveniently added during the booking process with PAL Hire.

Mention HireGuard when next speaking to PAL Hire’s sales staff and they’ll be happy to give you further information on one of the best insurance products currently available on the market.