Types of Toilets

Types of Toilets

16 January 2019

Toilets are PAL Hire’s bread and butter. We’re the experts, we’re the company you come to when you need a toilet for an event or construction project. We can tell you which toilet you need to match your requirements.

We’ve provided you with a breakdown of all the different types of toilets we offer, and you can speak to our consultants with the knowledge you know exactly which toilet you require.

Mobile Toilet Block

This type of toilet can be modified to cater both the construction and event industries.

Units require an external power supply of 7.5kva as a minimum. We would recommend utilising a 10kva generator to provide power to the toilet blocks to ensure there is adequate power and the toilets function to high standards.


The standard toilet block is predominantly found on building sites across the UK, providing facilities for between 22 and 28 labourers.

PAL Hire provides a 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 variation of the standard mobile toilet block, with nationwide delivery.

Our delivery drivers will need to access the site via a Hiab vehicle, adjacent to where the toilet will be placed.


For corporate events or festivals, PAL Hire provides luxury 4+2 mobile toilet blocks ideal to cater to 300-350 guests.

High-end interior adds an element of elegance to the toilet block ensuring it blends in with the other fittings.

Portable Construction Toilets

Alongside our toilet block, we also provide singular toilets that can be transported across the construction site, depending on where the majority of work will be completed on any given day.

Portable Chemical Toilet:

These are a popular option with construction sites due to being self-contained.

The toilets are used on sites that are in the initial stages of a project and have no infrastructure in place, such as no power, drainage or water. They are predominantly foot pump operated and do not require connection to drainage or mains system.

The lightweight design ensures it is easily transportable making it a practical solution when relocation across a large site is required.

Hot Wash:

A specific type of portable toilet, these self-contained units are mainly used in situations where a hot hand-wash system is more appropriate, such as office refurbishments where temporary units are required.

They can be placed anywhere on-site to meet your requirements and are an excellent solution to welfare requirements.

Mains Connected Toilet:

These types of toilets are ideal for construction sites or event customers that require the benefits of a fully-working system over a longer period.

The units work best with sites that already have working drainage. This is because they can be directly plumbed into your existing drainage to provide a fully functional, traditional facility.

Event Toilets

PAL Hire provides a range of toilets solely for the events industries. Servicing country shows, sports events, and weddings, we have a wide selection from which you can choose.

Anti-Vandal Mains Operated:

Usually placed in events that require a higher level of sanitation, such as outdoor concerts or festivals, our anti-vandal units are available in both 2+1 and 3+1 options and provide an overall solution for placing toilets in an environment that is prone to vandalism.

Housing both male and female toilets, these units can be directly plumbed into your existing drainage to provide a fully-functioning option to event goers.

All units are provided with sinks for full arm and hand-washing, ensuring consistent hygiene and cleanliness.

Jack Leg Toilet:

Jack leg toilets are a fitting solution for events with both male and female attendants.

Being available in male, female, or combined options, these types of toilets can be easily moved, allowing flexibility over their positioning, and are provided with adjustable legs, ensuring they can be placed on uneven ground.

A combined toilet generally includes four ladies’ WCs, two gents’ WCs and two gents’ urinals, as well as four sinks.

Disabled Toilet Units

All our toilets can be modified to provide disabled access, when required. These types of toilets are specifically designed to be accessible for those utilising wheelchairs or walking aids.

Toilets are equipped with a ramp, exterior handrails, low-level interior handrails, and a fitted panic alarm in case of an emergency.

Disabled toilet units also include a baby changing station, if this is needed at your event.


Urinals are provided to construction and event sites, with each trailer housing 19 urinals.

They are generally combined with other units, such as male and female toilets, to minimise queueing times and providing a greater overall service to event goers.

Self-contained units are available in most circumstances, meaning drainage is not necessary – speak to our team if you need this type of urinal.

What Next?

All hired toilets are provided with a complementary one week servicing option. Additional servicing options can be purchased when speaking to our consultants – provide them details of your requirements and how long you will require toilets and they will inform you of the best possible option.

The above should give you an understanding of what type of toilet you require for your event or construction site. All you need to do now is speak to one of our consultants and get it booked.

The number is 0844 288 7265.