Vaccination Site Essential Equipment

5 January 2021

Whilst we are under additional lockdown rules at the start of 2021. The enduing good news is the availability of two new vaccines for roll out to the UK public. The Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine and the Oxford University/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. Both vaccines require two doses to be administered and have different characteristics in terms of how they are stored.

COVID 19 Vaccination Site – What is the ideal type of site to enable successful roll out of vaccines?

Vaccinating the population of the UK is not going to be an easy task. There are many factors to consider, from supply, administering to distribution. That is even before you contemplate where the actual vaccination occurs and how records are updated. In terms of location for vaccination centres, then the choices are use existing health care provisions or create bespoke vaccination centres – like COVID test centres. Where people can book a time slot and receive their vaccination.

We have extensive experience in the supply of equipment for COVID-19 test Centres. And the premise is similar in terms of the equipment needed for COVID Vaccination Centres as it is for the roll out of Testing using mobile and temporary test sites. Using existing infrastructure such as doctors’ surgeries, or existing health care provisions – which happen to have all the facilities you would require to facilitate a vaccination centre, is not a realistic option as there are scale deficiencies to factor. Not to mention the need to continue with existing healthcare requirements.

In the first instance large open spaces, with carparking and basic services are ideal. Again, from our experience with COVID testing centres, the ability to deliver and remove equipment from these existing spaces make all the difference. As well as ample parking to enable patients and staff to access the vaccination centre. This will speed up delivery of vaccine to the UK Population.

What equipment is be needed to ensure support of vaccine centres?

  • Barriers
  • Security Fencing
  • Lighting – Towers
  • Site Cabins (Welfare)
  • Tents
  • Power
  • Water Servicing (fresh, grey and toilet)

A typical vaccination site has a perimeter fence will be required to secure the vaccination site, and metal crowd control barriers are used internally to filter patients and ensure social distancing is maintained.

Due to the number of vaccinations that are required, some vaccination centres will need to run shifts to remain open twenty-four hours a day. This maximises the utilisation of equipment and speeds up the roll out of COVID Vaccines. Useful in high areas of population and or in infection hot spots. Aspects like lighting, additional welfare facilities will be needed to ensure that the vaccination centre can run accordingly.

Site cabins to look after administration, staff and storage. This includes a place for team briefings, for them to get changed and to rest. Somewhere for the security detail, making sure that all staff facing cabins are capable of supporting distance regulations. Specialist secure cabins can be used for storage and we can also provide suitable specialist waste facilities. This can be dependant on the type of vaccine being administered. Where necessary a cold unit can be deployed with suitable independent power to support the vaccination operation. Specific space needs to be made for the preparation of vaccine use, sharps and safe disposal of waste including clinical waste.

Lighting towers are deployed to ensure safety and security of the vaccination site around the clock.
Marquees are available for hire with adequate airflow to house reception and vaccination teams. Allowing adequate airflow and a modular construction that ensures flexibility of the vaccination site.

Read the case Study on a similar deployment we managed in April for a top 5 supermarket. (PDF Opens in new tab) details how we were approached by a well known supermarket retailer to provide hire equipment for each one of their 920 UK Sites. How we responded and how quickly we deployed the equipment. 

Power for vaccination centres is paramount for the safe storage of vaccines. Especially the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine – which has very specific storage requirements. Where possible it would be prudent to use local mains power. And have a suitable serviced back up generator to maintain power in an emergency

All equipment, generators, toilets and water facilities require regular servicing to ensure that the vaccination centre can function correctly. View the equipment and make an enquiry:

COVID-19 Vaccination Centres based in Hospitality Settings

Where there is existing infrastructure or premises which can provide suitable access and location for mass vaccinations, we can provide hire equipment to support. This includes barriers and fencing to enable queuing and person management. This is really about scaling provision.

Vaccination Process

Administering COVID-19 vaccines is in itself a simple task. A simple injection, however to scale up and provide injections to the population it is crucial to factor the amount of people needed to manage during the vaccination operation. Points to consider:

  • Parking
  • Waiting and Queuing
  • Multiple Vaccination Points
  • Recovery area

Following the injection of COVID-19 vaccine, it is best practice for the patient to wait around for 15 minutes to ensure they have no immediate adverse effects to the vaccine they have been administered. Recovery areas should allow social distancing and have plenty of fresh airflow.

Booking and Delivery

For details on booking this equipment or parts of this equipment, contact our team who are ready to help with your enquiry. We have extensive experience of control and delivery of facilities and equipment. This includes testing sites and largescale events, where delivery of multiple items of equipment to multiple sites requires complex coordination.