Vertical Mast Lift Hire Consideration – Price Per Week Comparison 2022 Update

25 October 2022

When it comes to hiring the right equipment to work at height inside and out – you can not go wrong hiring a vertical mast lift from Haulotte. We hire out the complete range of Haulotte Vertical Mast Lifts.

If you want cheap powered access, Diesel Scissor Lifts, Bi-Fuel Mast Lifts and Articulated Booms Lifts then we have a great selection and amazing hire ratesclick to access.

This includes:

  • STAR 6 Vertical Mast Platform Hire from PAL HireStar 6: with a lifting capacity of 230 kg and a working height of 6 metres.
  • The Star 6 Picking: with a lifting capacity of 180 kg and a working height of 6 metres.
  • Haulotte Star 8: with a lifting capacity of 200 kg and a working height of 8 metres.
  • Star 8 S: with a lifting capacity of 200 kg and a working height of 8 metres.
  • Star 10: with a lifting capacity of 200 kg and a working height of 10 metres.
Cost of Hiring a Vertical Mast Lift – Price Comparison

We compared our hire rates against some other hire vendors of powered access in the UK marketplace and this is what we discovered:

  • PAL Hire Offers the Haulotte Star 10 Vertical Mast Lift from £225 per week.
  • You will not find cheaper or more capable supply chain
  • Another very well-known Hire Company has a hire price for a week, at a whopping £528.
STAR 6 Picking Vertical Mast Platform Hire from PAL Hire

Prices correct at the publishing of this article and do not include the cost of delivery and or VAT.

About the Mast Boom Lift format

Being compact and having the ability to elevate straight up on a comparatively small footprint. Vertical mast lifts are an ideal choice for a mobile working platform. Add uncompromising agility and electric power train, you have the easiest platform to drive and work from both inside and outside (as long as the surface is concrete, or slab surface). Innovative technology enables the telescopic masts to climb directly to the working height of 6 to 10 metres.

Where are Vertical Mast Lifts Used?

We have hired Haulotte Vertical Mast lifts to customers all over the UK. The application varies from one customer to another. But due to their agility and practicality as a powered working platform they can be deployed safely where working at height is a regular occurrence up to 10 metres. As working platforms, the Haulotte range are specialists in their own field with the Star 8s being adept to logistics, retail and industry – but is only for us inside. Whereas the Star 8 is capable to be used inside or out. Applications include:

  • Retail and Warehousing
  • Light Industrial
  • Venues and Entertainment
  • Finishing (First and Last Fix)STAR 10 Vertical Mast Platform Hire from PAL Hire
  • Maintenance and Restoration Projects
  • Sporting and Other Events
  • Temporary Hire to cover for mechanical breakdown and servicing

All Vertical Mast lifts mentioned in this article are available for short or long term hire from PAL Hire Ltd.

The Haulotte Range of Vertical Mast Lifts are flexible and practical – more importantly they are cost effective to hire from us at PAL Hire Ltd.

What else do I have to consider when hiring a vertical mast lift?

Vertical Mast Lifts fall within the remit of IPAF. They can only be operated by a competent and qualified person. Therefore, we advise that prior to hiring you consider this. Working at height safely comes with numerous responsibilities. Not just for the operator and their health and safety, but also for those around where the hired vertical mast lift is being used.

Delivery is an additional point to consider. Both from a monetary sense and a practical sense. The delivery of any large bit of kit like a vertical mast platform will involve at best a flatbed truck – at worst this could be mid to large sized truck – so you may need to consider this for when you have your hired Star 10 or similar delivered.

Manitou Vertical Mast LIft Hire

Is Haulotte the only Manufacturer of Vertical Mast Platforms?

Not at all, Haulotte is a popular brand of vertical mast platforms that are available for hire and probably one of the most well-known – aside from marketing leading Genie with their GR Range of Vertical mast platforms.

Another renowned manufacturer is Manitou with their popular 100 VJR (Vertical Platform) In most cases if you are looking to hire a vertical mast platform for a week or even a couple of weeks. You will only be concerned about its capability of getting the job done (weight capacity and operating height) and the cost per week to hire the vertical platform.

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