Want to get the most throughout, minimise downtime, and save fuel costs? PAL Hire is leading the charge 1

Want to get the most throughout, minimise downtime, and save fuel costs? PAL Hire is leading the charge

30 November 2017

Road users can save up to £800 each year by choosing the most efficient method of fuel management. For businesses, this is of importance as it benefits both their customer base and, of course, the ‘bottom line’. Any company that supply to a fuelling or fleet operations business is mindful of the big bite fuel costs are taking from the decisive profit margin.

PAL Hire is an ISO9001 accredited company – with an experienced management system designed to work with customers and clients to meet all fuel requirements and beat all competitors when it comes to fuel tank hire and mobile bowser hire.

Distributing all of the UK, PAL Hire provide mechanical plant products that are designed for fuel management from an extensive variety of suppliers. The products include the range of generators such as 20Kva, 40Kva, 80Kva, 100Kva, 150Kva, 250Kva. These generators come with a diesel fuel tank lasting up to a full-day use, but will then need topping up.

However, fuel efficiency does not have to stop with generators. Oh no! PAL Hire supply a whole array of mechanical plants that can benefit fuel saving, including the following:

  • Welfare Units showers for wash rooms
  • Site accommodation cabins and site offices
  • Power and lighting generators for both emergency usage and task lighting
  • Heavy plant machinery such as diggers, telehandlers, rollers and compressors
  • Backup generators to further meet demand in every configuration when fuel is mission critical, especially when a generator provides power for tower cranes for essential service, but is yet to be hooked up
  • Chameleon Excavators (the 27.5T Hitachi ZX210LC and the 42.75T Hitachi ZX350LC)
  • Heavy Excavators (Volvo EX210, EC140, CAT 312E and the Doosan DX420LC)
  • Dumpers Wacker Neuson 1501, and 3001
  • Rollers such as the Boomag BMP 8500

Current customers of PAL Hire that have taken up this fuel management method including:

  • Eneteq
  • Bluehammer
  • Aggregate Industries
  • Barton Building
  • STP Solutions
  • Westdale Services
  • Solar Advanced Systems
  • Puretech Environmental
  • Artemis Interiors

PAL Hire specialise in bulk fuel logistics for construction sites, looking after every aspect from the delivery, storage and replenishment side of operations. A single-point management takes the hassle out of running of building/construction sites where a plant has been distributed.

Above all, customers and clients hate administration headaches. So, to avoid any ameliorate issues with payment, PAL Hire provide a monthly one-bill service.

First off, it commercially makes sense to have the fuel managed by the supplier. PAL Hire, as the hire company, can fully manage the solution. Secondly, if the installation of the generator is mission critical it makes sense to hire an additional external fuel tank to supply the generator, which on average last a week. Due to the capacity of the tank purchasing this method attracts cheaper fuel prices.

As well as short-term benefits, PAL Hire’s fuel management system can provide broad-scale benefits too through functioning entirely hands-free. This allows customers to concentrate more effort on security measures and gather comprehensive date to identity additional time and principally save more money.

Statistically speaking, a fuel management system ensures timely, accurate and detailed information captured for each vehicle, which decreases the chances of real-time human error and ensures consistent regular maintenance. Tracking these aspects can pinpoint opportunities for drivers to improve through specially-designed training programmes. These programmes can involve the promotion of record keeping in order to respond quickly to potential problems.

Finally, with PAL Hire, a company is in control – at last! Utilising a fuel management system streamlines processes, ensuring accuracy and timeliness data keeping, which will refine operational standards. Put it this way: a PAL Hire can lead to bottom-line savings, and a fuel management system can eventually pay for itself.


By Samuel McKeown
Samuel is the Assistant Editor, and Reporter at Skip Hire & Waste Magazine