Waste at Events and Festivals - Planning for Trash

Waste at Events and Festivals – Planning for Trash

25 June 2018

Yurt, tepee, tent, log cabin, open air hammock or some other glamping experience. Normally the type of accommodation at a festival will tend to give an example of the type of people who have temporarily occupied the land. The thing is regardless as to the type of accommodation at a festival, the communal areas are normally left like the worst battle ground, with waste everywhere, once the last die hard festival goer has returned home.

Rubbish is your new friend

There may be a myriad of food outlets surrounding your festival ground, offering your festival goers delights such as curry, doughnuts, fish and chips, something resembling meat in a bun, beer, ice-cream, water – tons of water and obviously bacon butties for breakfast. A well-catered festival or event has so many complex types of catering, yet you will be surprised as to the limited diversity of the types of rubbish.

Let’s face it any post festival field looks like a right mess. Broken brollies, plastic bottles filled with urine, cans, polystyrene plates are some of the flotsam to find itself carelessly discarded after the event. The environmental impact is quite limited once cleared away. Other detritus often left are countless items of smoking paraphernalia from cigarette buts, broken lighters, boxes of matches and discarded cigarette butts.

Clearing up after an event

  • It is important to ensure that any water course in or surrounding an event is not polluted in anyway.
  • All objects need to be removed from shared spaces – this includes, plastics and cigarette butts – anything which could have an impact on the environment.
  • Plan and consider the environmental aspect of the rubbish you will be collecting. You can decide the outcome of your event by the articles accepted on site. You can decide what leaves and in what format. We would suggest separating anything for recycling on site and then looking for ways to divert rubbish from landfill.
  • Communicate with concession stall holders and encourage them to use packaging that meets your rubbish profile. Get them on board with the education of your visitors. Work in harmony to preserve the surroundings.
  • Everything can be organised to ensure that there is little waste and impact on the environment. Careful consideration about where vehicles are parked to the location of welfare facilities will negate any risk to accidental spillage.

What will your waste requirements be? You may need multiple waste solutions from roll top bins, roll on roll off containers, to plant to sweep the field. All of this is better planned in advance.

Drinking water should be free

Find a way to provide free drinking water to your festival goers. This may not appear to be the most commercial solution, but see if you can find a way to reduce the consumption of single use plastics?

Tips for festival goers

There is a huge movement against the impact we have on the planet now. It does not matter where we turn, humans have left their mark in one way or another. When we attend an open air event the decent thing would be to plan to take home what we take. Be responsible for our own waste. If facilities are provided on site at the festival, be a good egg and use them to the maximum. Recycle and do not use single use plastics. Plan to take home what you bring.

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