Water Distribution

Water Distribution

24 July 2018

Water is a basic human right, whether it be on a construction site or at an outdoor event, humans require water. They may also require other forms of liquid or solid foods, but if you can provide them water for drinking and sanitation, you will have met the United Nations standard for basic human rights.

The need for drinking water is even more prevalent as the Met Office has told Brits to stay out of the sun due to excessive heat, with an amber heatwave warning having been issued. The British heatwave is continuing and with a hosepipe ban to take effect from 5 August across the North West, some organisations may be worried they could run out of water.

Have no fear, PAL Hire is here!

Our hardworking and exceptionally talented team of Account Managers have recently been informed by our supplier base that the hosepipe ban will not be affecting their services. This is excellent news for any company in the need for water as PAL Hire will be able to supply water for drinking and sanitation at very short notice to anybody, anywhere in the UK.

We pride ourselves on coming to the rescue. When all hope is lost, and you have nowhere to turn, if you call 0844 288 7265, you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t ring PAL Hire first as we can save you time and money, as well as providing single point billing meaning you can hire as many products and services as you desire, anywhere in the UK, and only be sent one invoice.

Water is always available

Your options are endless when it comes to requesting water services from PAL Hire. The most popular product for event organisers any time of year is our water bottles – delivery can be arranged within 24 hours. If you have a large event and bottles may not fully cover your capacity, we can also offer tanks capable of holding 200,000 litres.

If you’ve hired portable toilets from PAL Hire, it would almost be unforgiveable if you didn’t also hire a water bowser or an IBC tank. Both are the ideal solution if you need water for the portable toilets and hiring from one company would save you considerable time; the team could possibly provide beneficial rates if you order both products together, and PAL Hire ensures they are delivered in an orderly manner as to not disrupt work on site.

You’re possibly reading this, shouting at me to tell you what PAL Hire does when your water runs out. At PAL Hire, we not only control proceedings building up to the start of a project or an event, we also control proceedings during an event. Our water filling service ensures your tanks will be filled before they reach a dangerously low level. This service can be arranged on a weekly basis – you only have to tell us the best day for you, whether it be Wednesday or Sunday, and we’ll make sure the levels in your tanks remain at a comfortable operating level for the entirety of your event.

If the hosepipe ban, which is currently only affecting the North West, extends to cover other parts of the UK, electricity companies that use water for cooling and water-intensive industries such as concrete manufacturing could be affected. The extent at which these types of organisations could be affected cannot be predicted yet due to there being no hosepipe ban in the regions in which they are situated, but PAL Hire will keep abreast of the situation and will be available to provide services to these types of companies at short notice.

Now is the time to act. If you’re worried you may be affected by the hosepipe ban, remember you heard it here first – PAL Hire will not be affected by the ban and, by the law of transitivity, our clients will not be affected. If you need water services, call our team on 0844 288 7265 and they’ll ensure the delivery reaches your site or event in as little time as possible.