Weather Apps to Keep Your Project on Track 1

Weather Apps to Keep Your Project on Track

5 November 2018

Could predicting the weather help when scheduling tasks for the week? Android and iPhone’s have a range of weather apps Project Manager’s should be using to plan their day.

Weather apps are vitally important in everyday life. They could help us decide what to wear, plan a barbecue, or go to a seaside port.

Given the range of apps that are available, PAL Hire decided to review the ones that are generally considered the best to use.

Met Office Weather App

Accepted as the authority on providing accurate weather forecasts, the Met Office weather app is ideal for construction sites. It offers hourly updates and 5-day forecast.

The app provides detailed maps and informative text summaries, as well as notifications of severe weather warnings.

The app also allows you to provide important information to your workforce, especially if some labourers have pollen allergies. Being able to track pollen counts, the UV index, and predicted levels of air pollution, the Met Office’s app is the perfect companion.

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The rise of smartphones and the need for us to have everything at our fingertips has coincided with the rise of AccuWeather. It has become a recognisable name in the pocket weather industry and powers built-in weather forecasts found on Android smartphones.

The app offers a great amount of detail, including a variety of maps, which uses Google Maps as its host, widgets on both Android and iOS, and 15-day forecasts. These forecasts would be ideal for project sites that need to prepare two weeks in advance. It could also allow Project Managers to schedule delivery and collection of hired equipment to maximise productivity.

AccuWeather is compatible with smart watches, such also the Apple Watch, providing accurate information without looking at a phone.

The reason AccuWeather stand out from the competition is its MinuteCast feature. MinuteCast offers detailed information for the next two hours, meaning if it is about to rain, you’re informed of when it’s due to start and when it will finish. This is ideal for scheduling breaks for your workforce, as well as protecting your equipment.

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BBC Weather

BBC’s app is easy-to-use, providing hourly information and, depending on where you are based, a 10-day weather forecast.

Another ideal solution for the construction industry, the app allows you to add several key locations and quickly view the latest weather information. This is perfect if you are a UK-wide Project Manager overseeing different projects across the country.

The app is simple and straightforward, but when you need accurate information as quickly as possible, this is the ideal solution.

The data itself is provided by the Met Office highlighting its accuracy, but the app limitations due to its simplistic nature doesn’t allow detailed planning in the same way as AccuWeather or the Met Office’s own app.

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Weather Channel

The Weather Channel has a renowned worldwide reputation for providing detailed weather forecasts. The app provides maps, forecasts, and up-to-date news, and offers a similar smart watch support to AccuWeather.

Possessing the similar push notification features as AccuWeather, your smartphone and smart watch will inform you when rain is expected to start, allowing for hourly scheduling.

The major downside we’ve found with The Weather Channel app are the sheer number of ads. Having to constantly skip ads takes away the need for haste and having information on hand immediately.

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Dark Sky

Dark Sky can provide a minute-by-minute update of the weather. Every app can tell you what the weather will be in an hour or two; however, Dark Sky provides an accurate reading for the next 10 minutes.

If you need to lay concrete and need to know if it will rain in the time it takes for the concrete to set, Dark Sky is the app for you. Its local forecasting offers a breakdown of the next hour of weather, giving you a heads up if it’s about to rain.

The expanded weather view provides weekly weather forecasts, as well as giving you the ability to view real-time storms and pockets of rain and their movement.

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For a construction site, checking the weather should be the norm when planning a project. Weather apps can help you plan, but on the day, it is best to stick your head out of the window rather than rely on your smartphones.