Welfare of People Some things to consider 2

Welfare of People Some things to consider

12 June 2018

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs documents some simple requirements to keep humans well and in good shape. You must factor so much when you are putting on an event, building site or even a renovation at home, you must look after the team and people that surround you. We owe it to our workforce to listen to them, to provide safe healthy working environments. It is the same when we have work happening at home.

If that is the bathroom being ripped out and upgraded in pursuit of a long-promised home improvement. The children may have flown the nest and now is time for that special walk-in boutique hotel dual bathroom you have always dreamed for? Planning for this renovation will need to factor the needs of the work force as well as your family.

The questions you need to be asking is what facilities you can do with whilst the renovation is going ahead are:

  • Do you want to share facilities with the workmen?
  • Will this require you to have an additional toilet unit?
  • Do you have somewhere to have a shower or would you require a temporary shower facility?

A lot of this boils down to your project and the space you have available to you. If you can stretch to having a shower block for a week plus, then it may be worth having that facility. That said you need to factor for connecting the block up, access etc. If you have a skip on your drive, then you are going to be limited for space. In most circumstances hiring a show block for a domestic build is cost prohibited.

Somethings to consider

Most of our welfare products have a minimum hire period. It really depends on several factors so ask at the time of hiring

The price quoted does not include haulage or getting the kit to you. Where possible we ensure that the cost of delivery (and collection) has limited impact on your costs. But it costs something so be prepared to fork out for haulage.

Insurance – if you have a need for multiple toilets (above 10 on a site), or complex welfare arrangements then you will need to ensure that the kit is adequately insured.

Location of where the kit is going – anything which looks after the needs of a human being will need servicing. When it comes to toilets this will have to happen on before the toilet is collected (They do not transport with the smelly stuff sloshing about inside). Speak to our advisers about the service regime.

Festivals and Large Crowd Complex events

For larger events then you will need to work with our experienced team of support professionals who will walk you through the process of hiring welfare for large groups of people. We cater for every type of event, festival, sports – you name it we are busy catering for the needs of visitors, delegates, party goers, competitors and your guests.

The welfare facilities that are available for complex events are as varied as the scope of humans who attend. We have the availability and capability to cater for all groups of people. The types of facilities we offer include:

  • Disabled Facilities
  • Multi Cubicle Blocks
  • Urinals
  • Baby changing
  • Showers
  • Luxury (limited availability)
  • Portable toilets are everywhere

The next time you are out and about you see a local home that is being renovated, check out the garden – you will probably see a portable toilet which could have been hired from PAL Hire. For details and an understanding of what costs are involved then contact our team.