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What is a genie lift?

25 May 2023

Genie lifts are a favourite of most sites. Offering powered access and amazing lift loads, genie lifts are essential pieces of equipment for a lot of industries, but how do they work? Well, in this article, we are going to take a look at a lot of the factors that make up genie lifts.

What is the use of Genie lift?

A genie lift is a gas powered access platform and material lift. With a range of models, the general concept is to be able to provide adequate raised accessibility to allow workers to reach high areas, easily move equipment, and more.

You’ll find models like the genie superlifts, which work as material lifts. These are only used for lifting equipment. You can find larger genie lifts that offer a full load platform for powered access, giving workers platforms to reach high areas.

Overall, the genie lift helps with lifting heavy loads and creating greater access to the site. With a boom attachment, they can be customised to fit your needs as well.

How much weight can a Genie lift take?

It entirely depends on the model in question, but something like the genie superlift can handle 1000lbs with easy. So, heavy materials can be easily transported or moved. Each machine will have a safe working load requirement, so just check the specifications for your model.

What fuel does Genie lift use?

Most larger models use diesel, but the model can vary. Some of the small lifts are gas powered as well.

Do you need training for Genie lift?

Yes. You will need a license to prove you are adequately trained to operate a machine such as this. This will have to come from the appropriate accredited source.

Genie lift hire

If you need genie lift hire, the you’re in the right place!

We have a full range of genie lifts available through our site, with all attachments as well. Interchangeable load handling attachments and much more. Just have a chat with a member of our team, let them know what you want, and they can handle the rest.

Is it better to buy or hire equipment?

It depends on what you need, when you need it, and other questions that you should ask yourself before committing to anything.

When it comes to hiring, you can order online and have equipment the next day for a fraction of the price compared to buying something outright. If you need something quick, and maybe just for one job, then hiring is a far better choice.

If something is integral to your work, and you will need it for the foreseeable future, then maybe looking into purchasing is the better option.

Why is it called a Genie lift?

since genie lifts run on compressed air, they were quickly given the name of ‘genie’ due to it appearing to move as if by magic.