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What is a Hybrid Generator?

11 May 2023

Generators are an essential piece of equipment for most sites. Giving your team power to use the machinery they need, to power the welfare units they use, and to give lighting to those cold British nights.

If you work in construction then you have probably used one, and for a long time generators have been predominantly powered by diesel.

The issue is that this is not a sustainable power solution, and whilst the industry strives to move towards a renewable energy source, diesel generators are now something that could be improved or replaced.

In this article, we are going to take a look at hybrid generators and the energy solutions that come from new technology.

How Hybrid Generators Work?

so, how do these actually work? Well, first we have to understand what a traditional generator does to create energy and power.

How Diesel generators work

in principle, diesel generators are pretty simple. They use an engine, powered by diesel, to turn an alternator. This alternator transfers mechanical kinetic energy into electricity. It’s no different than your car, there the turning of your engine helps keep the battery charged.

That’s why when you don’t run a car for a long time the battery ends up flat, it’s charged by the engine. So, you have to run it to keep it charged.

A diesel generator does the same thing, you use a diesel engine to charge a generator that outputs electricity. you can have a battery to store excess electricity or just run it directly into what you are powering. This is how construction sites have their machinery, lighting, welfare, and much more running in areas without electrical capabilities.

The issue is that diesel fuel is not a green energy source, and whilst it can be incredibly energy efficient, we do need to start considering a better ideal solution to energy production.

hybrid generator fuel

How Hybrid generators work

Hybrid generators are essentially the same thing, but they make use of a different energy source. A lot of generators are using a range of power sources but the two dominant ones appear to be hydrogen and solar energy. This means you’re not burning your way through diesel, and you’re actually being more cost efficient and energy efficient.

Here at PAL Hire, all our hybrid generators come with amazing features to save you money whilst helping to lower emissions.

Speak to a member of our team today to see what eco-options we have available.

The Advantages of Hybrid Generators:

Fuel Efficiency:

Hybrid generators utilize a combination of fuel sources, such as diesel, natural gas, propane, or renewable energy, to generate power. This hybrid approach enables better fuel efficiency, reducing overall fuel consumption and costs. By leveraging renewable energy sources like solar or wind power, hybrid generators can significantly lower carbon emissions and contribute to a greener construction site.

Noise Reduction:

Construction sites can be noisy, and traditional generators often add to the cacophony. Hybrid generators, on the other hand, are designed to operate more quietly, especially when the renewable energy component is engaged. This reduction in noise pollution can lead to a more comfortable working environment and better communication between workers.

Enhanced Reliability:

Hybrid generators offer increased reliability due to their ability to switch between different power sources. If one source experiences issues or runs out of fuel, the generator can automatically switch to another available source, ensuring uninterrupted power supply. This flexibility is particularly advantageous during extended projects or in remote locations where fuel availability may be limited.

Environmental Benefits:

One of the significant advantages of hybrid generators is their reduced environmental impact. By incorporating renewable energy sources, these generators decrease reliance on fossil fuels, resulting in lower emissions and a smaller carbon footprint. Construction companies committed to sustainability can use hybrid generators to align their operations with eco-friendly practices and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

Green energy

Disadvantages of Hybrid Generators:

Initial Cost:

Hybrid generators tend to have a higher upfront cost compared to traditional generators. The integration of multiple power sources and advanced technology increases the initial investment required. However, it’s important to consider the long-term savings in fuel costs and potential tax incentives or grants available for using renewable energy sources.


The technology behind hybrid generators is more intricate compared to conventional generators. The integration of different power sources and the need for sophisticated control systems can lead to increased complexity. This complexity may require specialized training or technical support to operate and maintain the hybrid generator effectively.

Should You Buy a Hybrid Generator?

The decision to purchase a hybrid generator for construction projects depends on several factors:

Project Duration and Scale:

For smaller projects with shorter durations, the cost savings and environmental benefits of a hybrid generator may not outweigh the initial investment. However, for long-term or large-scale projects, the fuel efficiency and reliability of hybrid generators can lead to significant savings and operational advantages.

Availability of Renewable Energy:

The feasibility of a hybrid generator also depends on the availability of renewable energy sources in the construction site’s vicinity. If ample sunlight, wind, or other renewable resources are accessible, integrating a hybrid generator becomes more practical and beneficial.

Environmental Commitment:

If your construction company has a strong focus on sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, investing in a hybrid generator aligns with your environmental goals. The lower carbon footprint and reduced reliance on fossil fuels demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices.

Where can I find a Hybrid Unit?

New technology is always harder to source than older models, you usually have to go straight to the source and the price is often higher as result. Hence, we recommend hiring out hybrid generators alongside your old diesel generators.

It’s cheaper, and still gives you the option of having a hybrid power source on site.

Hybrid Generator Hire

Hiring out is a great option, especially when it comes to new technology. This means you can have industry leading tech for a fraction of the price. Here at PAL Hire, we have access to the largest network of hire depots in the country. This means we can source you anything you need, wherever you need it. It’s super simple!