What is a Telehandler?

19 May 2023

A telehandler, or boom lift, is a machine that has an extendable arm that can be fitted with various attachments for moving materials, digging, and other things. As a result, you will find them on sites all over the world doing various jobs thanks to their incredible versatility.

Telescopic Handlers

Used on construction projects throughout the industry, telehandlers (telescopic handlers) are reliable machines for various projects. The iconic image of a telehandler is the bright yellow JCB model, which you have probably seen on a field setting up a festival, at your local skip sorting through stuff, on a building site, or in a quarry helping miners.

Various attachments

One of the main reasons you’ll find a telehandler in the construction sector is due to the copious amounts of attachments that can be used on it. This means one machine can do the job of many.

Some of the attachments used are:

  • Side shift carriage
  • Side tilt carriage
  • Standard carriage
  • Swing carriage
  • dual fork positioning carriage
  • Dual fork positioning carriage
  • Grapple buckets
  • Material buckets
  • Cubing forks
  • Fork extensions
  • Lumber forks
  • Pallet forks
  • Truss boom

You can find many more attachments for telehandlers such as various work platforms as well. With a great forward reach and overall length, many companies have a telehandler in their fleet of machines.

Here at PAL hire, we have a huge fleet of telehandlers ready to go all over the UK. At a great hire rate, our prices are competitive and affordable.

Best Telehandler’s on the market

Lets have a look at which telehandlers are worth your time, by doing a quick rundown of models available on the market.

Genie GTH-1056

The genie GTH-1056 is a powerful telehandler that has an incredible lift capacity and height. It can lift 5,000 pounds at a maximum height of 56 feet and 7 inches, 3000 pounds at a maximum reach of 3000 pounds. It also comes with genies enduro tires as standard with their all terrain tread design.

Bobcat TL723 and TL923

Part of the amazing Bobcat R series, these machines have a great lift capacity with an okay lift height. Expect upwards of 7000 pounds lift but with a height of around 23 feet. This series comes with a bunch of features to improve the quality of the drivers experience, with a variety of operation modes including smooth drive modes, eco modes, and more.

Caterpillar TL1255

The TL1255 is one of the more powerful machines on the market, able to lift 12,000 pounds with a maximum lift height of 55 feet.

JCB 512-83R

One of the most iconic brands on the market, and one of the most reliable, JCB have always produced some of the best machines on the market. With a maximum lift capacity of 12,000 pounds and a maximum working height/reach of 83 feet. This machine truly has everything you need and more, and is capable of everything you’d want from a telehandler.

With a great overall height and a long reach, the JCB 512-83R is a must for any site.

Hiring out a telehandler

With so many amazing machine son the market, it can be hard to choose which one you want. It is also very expensive to buy one of the new models outright, so hiring can be a great way to trying out new machines before you buy them and as a great alternative to buying.

Here at PAL Hire, we have availability in all of the major telehandler models. If you have a specific one in mind, call us up and we will see if we have one close to you. If we don’t, we can offer advice on the next best available machine.

Do you need a full driving Licence to drive a telehandler?

Yes, a category B license which is the standard license you are issued when passing a driving test, gives you permission to drive tractors and agricultural vehicles such as sprayer and telehandlers on the road.

To operate the machine on a site, you will need the applicable training and certificate from a approved scheme. However, for simply driving a telehandler, you will need your category B license.

Is a telehandler the same as a forklift?

Whilst both machines are mostly used for lifting, a forklift is a more limited machine. Typically, forklifts can only lift loads up and down which is why they are mainly used in warehouses for pallets.

A telehandler can lift up and down but also extend the arm outwards, meaning you have full control of where you lift the load. This is why telehandlers are used more on construction sites, where you may encounter more obstacles and tough terrains.

Is a telehandler a Class 7 forklift?

A telehandler is a class 7 vehicle. A class 7 vehicle is anything that has a gross weight between 3,000kg and 3,500 kg!

Do you need insurance for a telehandler?

You will always need some form of insurance when using machinery on a site, from hired plant insurance or another form, it’s always best to communicate with your hirer to make sure that you have the right form of insurance.

What is Hired in Plant Insurance?

Plant insurance helps to protect your machines against accidents and theft.