What is plant hire?

What is Plant Hire?

12 April 2023

You might hear the term plant hire, but what does that actually mean? Well, here at Pal Hire, that’s what we do!

As a plant hire company, we thought we’d answer that question for you and explain a little about what we do here.

Plant Hire in process

What is a plant hire company?

For starters, it’s not about hiring out plants and flowers… It’s about hiring out construction equipment. That’s right, a plant hire company is geared towards helping construction companies find and acquire the equipment they need for the job at hand.

A lot of companies take on construction projects that might require plant machinery they don’t own. It would be far too expensive for a construction company to have everything on hand, not just the outright cost of buying it but the maintenance costs, the storage costs, the fuel costs, etc. would be astronomical.

Especially for specialist equipment that might rarely be used, meaning the cost of purchase outweighs the return. This is a huge issue for smaller companies. The problem is that some companies can’t afford to turn down contracts, but also can’t always take on jobs due to their lack of equipment. Plant hire fills that gap. It gives companies the opportunity to take on a job that might have previously been undoable without huge outright payments for extra equipment.

Plant hire machinery

How does plant hire work?

It’s pretty simple, well, when using PAL Hire it is!

We have access to a huge network of hire depots all across the UK, each housing our various pieces of plant equipment that we source out to construction companies all over the country. All you have to do is phone up, tell us what you need, and we do the rest.

We coordinate the entire process, you simple provide a list of the things you need. The best part, is that with our incredible network of hire depots, we can provide everything.

If you had a construction company that owns nothing, we can provide everything for any job. From tools to the right machinery for the job, we can get you it all.

Benefits of Plant Hire for the Construction industry:

A lot of people wonder about the benefits of plant hire. How does it benefit your company, or would it be better to simply buy the equipment you need for future jobs as well? Well, it’s not always that simple.

Many factors impact why a business may opt in for getting extra equipment through a plant hire company, and many of those options come with a lot of benefits. Here is a look at some of those benefits.

Cost effective

That’s right, for niche plant machinery it is often more cost effective to simply hire out the machine. If you have a tight budget, buying equipment for a one time job is just too expensive.

Plant hire lets you have the other equipment needed for a job at a fraction of the cost.

Save Time

Coordinating the ordering process of new equipment when you’re on a tight timescale is also another issue that can be overcome with plant hire options. Which is another reason that many use it as a time saving solution.

Simply let the company know everything you need, and then they can handle the rest. Giving you more free time to do other important jobs.

Comprehensive range

Looking for machinery or other equipment, our services as a hire company means that we have access to a huge range of tools and equipment. This means you can have a larger selection of specific types of equipment, niche tools, brand new products, and much more.

Customers tend to make use of hire equipment when they need equipment that is costly, very specific, or for equipment that takes up a lot of storage space.

For example, instead of having a ton of fencing, large welfare units or portable toilets, you can simply hire them out. This eliminates the need to store them, saving you space and money.

Innovative products

The industry is always evolving. New products hit the market all the time, from electric innovations to better machines. Buying new equipment to keep up with market innovations would be a huge expense. As a result, the best solution is to hire them.

This is a good way to test a product before you commit to buying it as well. You can do a long-term rental to see how useful the machine would be.

What kind of machinery is available from a plant hire service?

No matter what your project is, how big your site is, hiring out equipment offers support and a full range of equipment to be used. We can’t speak for other plant hire companies, but here at PAL, we have everything you would ever need for a full site setup.

Our service can provide machinery, services, welfare units, generators, vehicles, and so much more. You could take on a job with no equipment for it, ring us up and explain everything you need, and we can make sure it’s all there, on time, as specified, for however long you need it.