What size skip do I need

What Size Skip do I Need for a commercial job?

16 May 2023

Skips come in a variety of sizes, from small compact skips that are better suited to private use or large industrial ones that are perfect for construction sites, knowing what you’re ordering can make life a lot easier. So, wondering what size skip do I need? Well, we have the answers!

In this article, we will take a look at the skips we offer and try to give you a rough idea of what you can fit in the various size skips.

Which Type and Size of Skip do Skip Hire Companies Offer?

We can’t speak on the behalf of other skip hire companies, but here at PAL Hire, we have every size available on the market today. No matter what construction waste you have, from light bulky waste to heavy waste, we can find you the right sized skip for the job.

We carry all the standard sizes you would expect, from a 4 yard skip to 12 yard skips and beyond, we have it all!

What is the Recommended Skip Size for My Project?

It depends on what you are doing but a 4 yard skip is only really usable for smaller projects. For example, a small room renovation won’t need a large skip so you might be able to use a small 4 yard skip to deal with the light construction waste.

A yard skip is our smallest skip, but we do have alternatives if you need something even smaller such as a skip bag.

For larger projects, you’ll be looking at larger skip sizes such as the 12 yard skip. Being 3 times the size of a 4 yard skip means that you can get a lot of waste in a product of this size.

Where Can I Find Skip sizes and prices

Check out our waste page here for all the details about what skips we offer; however, since we have access to the largest network of hire depots across the country, we are able to source items that are not listed. We just list the most popular products.

Our prices also actively change to keep our products competitive, meaning we can always find you the best deal on the market.

A full skip on a commercial property

Different sizes of skips:

UK skip sizes are pretty standardised throughout the industry, so we thought we would take a quick look at some of the likely sizes you will see when looking for a skip.

2 Yard Skip

One of the smallest on the market. a 2 yard skip can fit roughly, about 25 bin bags of waste. Builders waste is typically bulky waste so 2 yard skips are rarely suitable.

4 Yard Skip

4 Yard skips are a mores standard site on small jobs, but still pretty small for most construction jobs. How many bin bags of waste can one fit? Well, about 45 for a 4 yard skip.

6 Yard Skip

A 6 yard skip will have about 65 bin bags of waste in it.

8 Yard skip

Now you’re looking at builders skip sizes, you’ll typically see skips around this size and upwards on a site. these have enough space for commercial projects (depending on the size of course).

12 Yard Skip

A popular skip for building sites and building projects, a 12 yard skip is one of our larger skips but we still do bigger sizes such as 20 yard skips as well.

A skip on a construction site
Sorting and Recycling Construction Waste

Can I use a skip for garden waste?

Garden clearances can be a messy procedure, so skips are often needed for them. Here at PAL Hire, we can only supply skips to commercial customers unfortunately, so we cannot provide skips for garden waste for domestic jobs.

A skip with green waste

If you are a commercial customer looking for garden waste solutions such as a skip though, we can help you!